Y(our) History as a Dance

with Sarah Ledbetter


February 18, 2012 -
3:00pm to 6:00pm

When history collides with the personal, what you're left with can be described as a dance. In this improvisation workshop, participants will replay and re-explore the "opening into dance" afforded by exhilarating, devastating, or life-altering moments in collective and personal memory. As a group we will support the sharing and naming of these openings in an ultra-safe environment, and create a score that contains them. This score will become part of THE MAKING OF, an EMERGE project directed by Sarah Ledbetter that explores the improvisation of history and...

Artist-in-Residence: Mary Pearson

Mary Pearson is a performance maker, improviser, dancer, teacher and organizer currently based in Liverpool, UK. In 2005 she co-founded Fool's Proof Theatre company, which has toured nationally internationally in the UK/USA with devised pieces The Eagle Has Landed, Je Suis Dead and It?s Uniformation Day.

1st Sunday Music and Movement Jam

With SPECIAL SHOWING by current Artists-in-Residence Mary Pearson, Sara Kraft and Gabriel Forestieri.

February 5, 2012 -
8:00pm to 10:00pm

The Works-in-Progress by Artists-in-Residence showing is at 6:30.

Once a month the Umbrella Studio fills with a celebration of movement and music!  A live soundscape is provided by a local musican.  Bring your own instruments to join in after 10pm.

All dance levels and styles are welcome. 

January 2012 Director's Loft

Ahhhh.....S P A C E....breathe in the New Year, and prepare for SPACE:
internal space, external space, time & space to breathe.

2011 was such a full year for Earthdance, and we continue to celebrate our
25th year of RENEWAL In this transition time, we seek time, places, and spaces to simply be, to breathe, to integrate and to be grateful for what we have, do & get to share here on this beautiful land, in these beautiful SPACES.