Director's Loft: Advancing our Community Food Security

As 2013 unfolds, those of us who hold down the fort are asking ourselves how to engage the community in advancing our food production and processing at Earthdance. We are all well aware of the rising food prices, and the impact those prices have on our own wallet. At Earthdance, we consider that for the hundreds to thousands of individuals that bring grace to our dinner table.

"Engaged Body Free Body" Instructor Catherine Lessard's Movement and Words

This weekend, Montreal based movement teacher, Catherine Lessard, will be leading a workshop on subtle training and deep research into liberating the thinking and dancing body. The workshop will be an exploration in human expression through breathing, awarenss, and various nuances of touch movement, offered in a deep atmosphere of respect and discovery. More information on the workshop can be found here!

Director’s Loft: Emerging :: Engaging

Throughout my first month as Executive Artistic Director, I have been amazed and inspired by Earthdance's passion, rich resources, and the dynamic layering of its community. Artists, organizers, researchers and builders bring life and vision to this unique organization on a daily basis.