E|MERGE 2015 Participants

E|MERGE Interdisciplinary Collaborative Residency

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Ali Skalli

Ali Skalli was born and raised in Casablanca, Morocco. He grew up with activist and artist parents against a rich, culturally diverse backdrop of Moroccan music and art. For 20 years, he's been practicing the art of improvisation through CI, martial arts, and somatic modalities. Cradled in and cradling the Earthdance community for over a decade, Ali is still learning and cultivating his art through performance and collaborations. He is interested in supporting and creating a container for creative space and performance art through his sound landscaping. His hope is to tune his sound-making to the dance.


Aaron Finbloom

Aaron Finbloom is a philosopher, performance artist, musician and one of the co-founders of The School of Making Thinking.  Much of his work is interested in exploring the workings of dialogue/dialectics by creating quasi-structured conversations through games, booklets, audio guides, drawings, dance maps, performative lectures, existential therapy and philosophic rituals.



Aaron Jeffrey

Aaron is a freelance dancer, choreographer, physical performer and Fine Artist based in Scotland. He graduated from the Scottish School of Contemporary Dance (SSCD) The Space in 2010 and performed with the graduate company throughout the UK. Since then he has received the developing artist bursary award from Dancebase, Scotland’s national centre for dance. He has also performed and toured on various productions throughout the U.K. and Europe. Aaron has participated in numerous artistic development residencies and has been awarded various scholarships and bursaries evolving his practice. He is employed by Scottish Dance Theatre, Dancebase Edinburgh and Citymoves Aberdeen as a freelance Educational facilitator.

  Before his dance training he gained his BA(hons) in Fine Art through Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, this has fed his approach to creating dance, sculpted his choreographic aesthetic and shaped his physical practice.

Interested in cross collaborative approaches that fuse different disciplines, Aaron created Flesh Collective, a multi-disciplinary exploration towards the perceptions of performance. Flesh Collective merges various artistic endeavors as a Hive of Interdisciplinary Production (HIP) exploring cross collaborative approaches which fuse different art forms in order to create and perform new work.

  Aaron has choreographed for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Dance Live festival, staged work at the Space including choreographing on the BA(hons) students in 2014. He also creates dance for film.




Azya Barron

Azya is magnetized by mythology and motion, drawn to the flame which stokes transformation in ritual spaces, the edge, the joy that hurts. She has traveled the world open-eyed for that edge, and now turns inward to find it through movement practices: capoeira, butoh, CI, and improvisation. She is interested in the technical benefits of entraining and retraining the nervous system to soften and flow when confronted with frightening situations: in spaces of practice (e.g. the capoeira roda), performance (edges of emotional safety), and in her work as a myofascial and yoga therapist bringing consciousness to tensions and holding patterns. She has worked on permaculture projects around the world, and the relationship between land-work, community, and creative practice is the umbrella over all her investigations: How does the creative work practically feed our re-integration with Earth? How do we develop ourselves as contemporary technicians of the sacred to create real change?

Azya lives in Berkeley, CA and is excited to be part of the Emerge Project and to join the Earthdance community.


Bronwyn Preece

Bronwyn Preece's passion for expression marries art with activism, melding ecological, social and political engagement with performance and writing.  Her work focusses on interrogating the dichotomies between culture and 'nature,' self and 'environment, seeking ways to embody and overcome these binary constructs.  Bronwyn is an improvisational eARTist and author.  She is currently pursuing a PhD (University of Huddersfield, UK), examining through solo performance, the metaphoric and material intersection of ecology and disability studies.  She holds a MA and BFA (with Distinction) in Applied Theatre from the University of Victoria. Please visit: www.bronwynpreece.com




Carlos Castilian

Carlos was born in Oaxaca, México.

He is a writer, director and actor. Six years ago he founded the alternative theatre company " El Club Minivenganzas ".

At age 13 he started to write and paint. The last few years of his life have been dedicated completely to performing arts, making his words find in the actors a vehicle of encounter with people in everywhere we can.

As a writer he has constructed around 4 theatrical plays, As a Director, almost 15 performances with his company with which he has traveled around Mexico and the world.
His last project called "Mundus" has received the support of the Oaxaca Gouverment in 2013.
"Mundus" is the key of the new street performing arts in his life also his motor.



Cory Neale

Cory Neale is an architect, bassist/composer, and sound designer from Philadelphia, PA. He works with a variety of artists across the media spectrum, including the Walnut Street Theater, keila cordova dances, and Krista DeNio, among many others. He is resident composer and sound designer for Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers and Birds on a Wire Dance Theater. In 2011, Cory received the American Association of Community Theater Sound Design Award for Bootless Stagework’s production of Martin McDonagh’s The Pillowman. He is a three-time Earthdance E|MERGE Interdisciplinary Arts resident.

  As a bassist and composer, his experience includes writing and performing in solo and ensemble settings, live accompaniment to choreography, and music production for dance and film. He is a member of the bass section for the Abington Symphony Orchestra.  

  His visual art, often done in conjunction with his composition and sound design as a method to explore spatial and narrative relationships, has been featured as part of Carpenter’s Hall 200 Year anniversary show, installations for the Windows Throughout Old City program, and in private collections throughout the U.S.



CJ Holm

CJ Holm is a New York-based dancer, choreographer, teacher, improvisor, gardener, tinkerer, coach, and friend. CJ makes work with Krista Jansen as Jansen & Holm, and separately as Creature Theater. CJ's work grows out of a bottomless interest in the expressive potential of the human animal body, through movement, language, sound, gesture, and any permutation of the above. These works have been presented in New York at Judson Memorial Church, Irondale Center, the Center for Performance Research, The Secret Theater, The Silent Barn, FIGMENT Festival, and many more. CJ has received space grants and residencies from BodyArt Center, FARspace, and the Cora Studio, as well as E|MERGE and sister residency CON|VERGE outside Berlin. Come get it: vimeo.com/cjholm


Emelia Martinez Brumbaugh

Emelia Martinez Brumbaugh is a dreamy young radical excited to move and be moved by the world. A leo-cancer cusper, art maker, land lover, people lover, lover period, Emelia comes complete with a knack for serious social inquiry and serious play. Originally from Maryland, and

then a student at Hampshire College and then a resident of the Connecticut River Valley and now a resident of Texcoco, México Emelia takes classes and gives classes in participatory theatre and dance, dreams up projects and presents things now and again in cafés, studios, streets. In collaborative and individual work Emelia investigates themes of living geography/active landscaping. As a performer Emelia navigates the sacred and the extra-ordinary, constantly re-envisioning and re-experiencing what it means to be part of a social and a cosmic body.



Goldie Peacock

Dubbed “an imaginative, versatile choreographer” and “the most flamboyant, regal bird in the menagerie”, Goldie Peacock creates and performs original works comprised of dance and drag. After earning a B.A. in Dance and winning Oberlin College Drag Ball's notoriously fierce runway competition, Goldie relocated to Portland, Maine and premiered works, produced shows, taught and hosted extensively, earning the title of “Best Dance Performer” (The Portland Phoenix, 2009). Now residing in Brooklyn, Goldie frequently appears and presents work at venues such as Movement Research, Dixon Place, The Tank, CPR, The Wow Café Theater and the Bowery Poetry Club. They are the winner of the December 2012 edition of the XYZ NYC Contemporary Dance Competition (The Tank). They also perform and emcee nationally and have served as a guest celebrity judge for NYdragU, the Mr. Philadelphia Drag King Competition and Boston's "Traniwreck". Manipulating their body, gender presentation, costumes and music, Goldie touches upon the conceptual, socio-political and the whimsical in their work. Their goals are to entertain, provoke thought, titilate, transfix and exemplify transformation. They are a composer, crafting each detail of their pieces. They find inspiration everywhere, from sweeping the kitchen floor to sharing the stage with the world's fiercest drag superstars. They make work that defies easy categorization and unifies in its ability to reach audiences from all walks of life. Goldie has taught at Oberlin College (Ohio), Pure Movement Portland (Maine), Cultivate Contemporary Dance Festival (New Hampshire) and Chez Bushwick (New York). Their drag king workshops have been profiled by Curve and Lash Magazines. In 2014, Goldie was selected as an artist-in-residence at Chez Bushwick (Brooklyn, NY), E|MERGE (Plainfield, MA), Asylum Artist Retreat (Garrison, NY) and The White Page Gallery (Minneapolis, MN). Goldie is delighted to once again return to E|MERGE.




Hanna Satterlee

Choreographer and dancer Hanna Satterlee grew up in East Montpelier, Vermont. She attended Goucher College in Maryland to achieve a double BA in Dance and Psychology/Dance Therapy, and has spent many years traveling throughout the US and in Ghana and Brazil, to intensively study dance and movement.  She has produced her own choreographic and dance instillation work, and has performed with professional companies in Baltimore, NYC, San Francisco and throughout the state of Vermont- including projects with Double Vision (Sean Clute/Pauline Jennings) and BIG APE (Tiffany Rhynard), as well as contributing to the choreography and performing in Hannah Dennison’s latest work, “Dear Pina.” She returned to VT in 2010 to become the Director of Professional Programming, as well as the Artistic Director of the Teen Jazz company, at CDFS, and joined Montpelier Movement Collective as a dancer and choreographer in May 2012 for the commission of a new dance work. She is currently in the MFA-IA graduate program at Goddard College. She is currently directing a new evening-length dance-based interdisciplinary performance, titled ANIMAL.



Holly Timpener

Holly Timpener completed her studies in musical theatre in Toronto at the Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts where she earned a certificate in the triple threat program.

  After school she began involving herself in interpretative dance studying with Dawne Carlaton and took an interest in what else the performing arts could offer other that theatre. She began working with Sylvie Tourangeau, Claude Wittman and Johannes Zitts studying the performance arts.

  Holly has taking part in workshops with astounding performance artists all over Canada and has begun to work herself outside of Toronto. She has had the pleasure of showing her work in Summerworks in her home town of Toronto. Also she has performed in The Phantom Wing project in Calgary and took part in VIVA 2013, Montreal.

  Holly is intensely passionate about performing as a way to challenge and explore a woman’s place in the world. Performance has become a way of connecting to others in this place and exploring questions about gender and beauty.

  Holly is strongly interested in working with the themes of power and control.  Within her work she wants to communicate femininity, feminism, and create strong images along with transforming the space, public and myself into a new awareness.



J. Miakoda Taylor

J. Miakoda Taylor, founding Director of Fierce Allies, is daughter, friend, lover, artist, public speaker, and consultant who supports individuals and organizations to leverage adversity towards resilience, power and freedom.  



Laura Burns

Laura is a writer and performer from the UK. Previously a performance storyteller with Pandvani108, touring across the UK to theaters such as Rich Mix and Soho Theatre; a member of Bristol-based performance collective Interval, and a solo performer, Laura's practice is moving to the meeting points of choreography, poetry, live art and theatre. Her current work explores the relationship between the human and nonhuman, questioning our personal, social and ancestral relationships in light of environmental crisis. She loves to exist on the edges of disciplines, finds this a generative place to be. Her recent work has been inspired by residencies at Siobhan Davies Studio, London; Dansce Dialogues, Rennes; and Ponderosa, Berlin. She is currently embarking on a Phd at Goldsmiths University, London, focusing her practice-as-research on the relationship between environment and orality, movement and text.



Levana Irena

Levana is a choreographer, dancer, and performance artist based in Montreal, Canada. They are continuously fascinated by the human body and have focused on movement and voice practices such as Axis Syllabus, Qi Gong and Gong fu,and Open Source Forms. Since graduating from Concordia University in 2013 with a BFA double major in Contemporary Dance and Women's Studies, they have been researching, processing, and performing in ways influenced by their passions of dance and social justice. They believe performance can be an impactful means to question social standards, and past choreographies and collaborative projects have touched on themes such as gentrification, community strength, personal political struggles, and media and gender. Levana has had works presented in Montreal events such as Nuit Blanche, Art Matters, and Short and Sweet. In July and August, 2014, Levana took part in the performance project Biblioteca Do Corpo, as part of the International Contemporary Dance Festival Impulstanz, in Vienna, Austria. The spectacle was performed in Vienna, as well as in São Paulo, Brazil.

  Levana is interested in how the ways we relate with and within a community can help us see parallels with how we relate to our own bodies, and vice versa. They believe that the more we can learn to understand and support our body (mind included) and its movements, the more we can be open to understanding and supporting each other.



Mara Mayer

Mara Mayer went to the Eastman School of Music where she earned her degree in clarinet performance. She now resides in Brooklyn, NY, where she is happy to learn more about different forms of music every day. Mara’s musical life is rich in bass clarinet, Balinese Gamelan, and performance art. She teaches private clarinet and bass clarinet lessons and curates a series of new and experimental music called Home Audio. She also studied Cognitive Science and teaches yoga in New York City.



Maré Hieronimus

Maré Hieronimus is a Brooklyn-based multi-media dance artist, performer and teacher whose work weaves together her interests in movement, light, sound, the visual language, and perceptual awareness. Drawing from her interests in memory, sensory perception, embodiment, and the interface between body and landscape, she creates abstract and minimalist dance art environments using the subtle, shifting field of the body as the point of origin.





Matthew Weisberg

Matthew Weisberg loves. Loves to eat, Loves to dance, Loves to listen, Loves to shout. His work as a teacher, farmer and performer have allowed all him to fill his life with those loves. 'Stay at Home Dad', his first video-record under the name Moses Cicero, expresses exactly that. He is currently developing a rooftop greenhouse farm in Bushwick and working on his next video-record.



Maya Apfelbaum

Maya Apfelbaum, M.A., is a multi-dimensional artist/performer/director. She makes masks, giant puppets, dances and spoken word pieces -- and stilt dances; traveling around New England and overseas (www.facebook.com/SerendipityStiltDancers). Maya has worked with elephants and many other species, rivers and trees and connects deeply to nature, while also drawn to many cultures.  She also has many years’ experience building eco-villages as well as teaching environmental education and special needs. Maya currently lives near the evocative North Shore sea.




Michelle Bentsman

Michelle is currently involved in research, writing, and reporting for an upcoming PBS documentary film about mortality and immortality from a plurality of contemporary perspectives. She has an enduring interest in creating art/installations and writing creative non-fiction informed by death rituals, religious texts, anatomies fictitious and real, and personal narratives.

She resides in the hills of Manhattan, where Audubon immortalized the birds.



Nazlihan Eda Ercin

Nazlihan Eda Ercin is a performer, researcher and educator working in the fields of physical theatre/performance, and gender. Currently, pursuing a practice-based PhD in Drama at the University of Exeter (UK), she holds a BA in Sociology (Middle East Technical University, Turkey) and an MA in Performance Studies (Southern Illinois University Carbondale, IL). During her undergraduate studies, she trained and performed with ODTU Oyunculari / METU Players (2001-2003), completed the intensive actor-training course at Ankara Sanat Tiyatrosu (AST) / Ankara Art Theatre (2004-2005), and performed with the AST ensemble (2005-2007). During her three year residency in US, she wrote and performed short solo pieces as a part of her MA program (2008-2010), she trained in community-based theatre with Cornerstone Theater Institute in Los Angeles (2010), and trained in physical immersive theatre with Double Edge Theatre in Ashfield, MA (2011, 2012). She is interested in Grotowski-informed physical theatre, performance art, gender studies, ethnography, and community-based and interdisciplinary art making. Since 2011, she has designed and led courses and workshops with kids and adults on embodiment and improvisation. Her current research is based on corporeal explorations of female bodies, objects, movement, and memory with a focus on the notion of virginity as/in performance. She has recently trained with Rena Mirecka, Odin Teatret ensemble, and Helen Poynor. She believes in the creative and political power of performance, and always searches for new intercultural collaborative projects. Eda also loves working with eggs and photographing spider webs!



Qween Amor

Qween Amor is a performance artist that uses various forms of dance to portray an immaculate image of Mary Magdalene. S/he travels the states of America and utilizes public space for her performances. S/he very bravely projects gender nonconformity in her performances and aims to spread love with her dance. S/he also uses her performance art as a form of activism. S/he demonstrates at protests around the country. S/he has been an active performer at the March Against Monsanto, received national publication from her performance at the Marriage Equality Rally in Washington, DC 2013, has received numerous publications in various newspapers such as Huffington post, Washington Journal and metro times. S/he has danced within the pews of churches with the message "Tax The Churches" and has been arrested numerous times for her form of expression and political activism. Her ultimate goal is to dance throughout the Bible Belt using music as a medium to preach about Love, Life and God.




Randy Reyes

Reyes recently graduated from Williams College with B.A. in Dance & Performance Studies. His most recent work is titled "Expanding Traces - Intimate Spaces" which investigated how various spaces create specific notions of intimacy and these spaces took form in an exhibition in a dorm room, a club opening in a gallery space, and a site-specific piece. Reyes was inspired by artists Ana Mendieta, Franz Erhard Walther, Voguing & Ball Culture, Felix Gonzalez Torres, and is continuing to find ways of learning more about somatic, physical, and healthy efficient approaches to choreography. This past summer he was in Berlin participating in SMASH; an experimental performance platform which had various teachers share their approach to improvisation and collaboration through costume making, task-oriented studies, and theatre/voice/movement practices. Currently, he is living in NJ and is hoping to find ways to get involved in community outreach programs involving dance practice, throwing queer underground fiestas, and is excited for E-merging :)



Rebecca Lloyd-Jones

Rebecca Lloyd-Jones is a performer, choreographer, and an improviser based in NY. Her work explores the expression of displacement, subconscious, memories, history, identity, complexity and contradiction through human body. She has worked with artists and companies such as Marianela Boan, Leah Stein Dance Company, Yelena Gluzman’s science project, Abigail Levine, Nicole Bindler, Sasha Welsh, Noemi Segarra, PISO Proyecto, VOID Theater Company and many others, and has performed in various cities in United Sates, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, and Puerto Rico. Her own choreography has been shown at Dixon Place, La Mama Experimental Theater, Dance New Amsterdam, Movement Research at Judson Church, Performance Mix Festival, Philadelphia Live Arts Festival, Studio 34, Ulah’s House, Green Space Studio, Temple University, Smith College, and many others. She also has produced few dances on camera. She has been an artist in residence at E|merge collaborative residency, Liftoff residency, and Field emerging artist residency. Currently she is investigating in interdisciplinary collaboration with various artists in performance, music, and film. For more info, www.rebeccalloydjones.com



Sol Arechiga Mantilla

Bio coming soon!



Sugar Vendil

Sugar Vendil is a director and classical pianist who thrives on making things happen. She is the founder of The Nouveau Classical Project (NCP). In March 2013 she was featured in a full-page article in The New York Times for 'leading [an] unlikely intersection of music and new fashion.' While leading NCP, Sugar has helped the group gain a foothold in the fashion world. Her performance experience includes chamber and solo concerts in New York and Europe, in venues such as Symphony Space, (le) poisson rouge (New York), Museum of Modern Art (MoMa),  Issue Project Room (Brooklyn), Galapagos Art Space (Brooklyn), the Composer’s Forum (St. Petersburg, Russia), Laboral (Gijon, Spain), and others. Sugar's name is a combination of her mother and father’s names (SUsan and EdGAR). Other interests and skills include social media and branding. As the Production Assistant for EMEHT, a Brooklyn-based creative agency in 2010-2011, Sugar gained experience in production, project management, music supervision, and about taste in general. Side projects include curating a fiction-inspired concert series, ‘Notes on Fiction’ at The Center for Fiction, and being a keyboardist for the band My Great Ghost. Sugar lives and breathes NCP, constantly dreaming up new ideas, producing concerts, writing grants, managing to squeeze in a regular practice schedule, and finding ways to drive the organization forward.



Utam Moses

Bio coming soon!