The Gratitude Lodge

The Gratitude Lodge is a short 2 minute walk from our studios and main facility. The dormitory offers 3 floors of housing with an assortment of larger and smaller rooms.

Summer Tent Cabins
During the summer, we also offer a number of beautiful tent cabins as options for our guests. To see more about our tent cabins, click here.

Other Options
Across the meadow from Earthdance is Nine Mountain, a beautiful, spacious post & beam B&B. Operated today by Kelly Bitov, Hilary Lake, and Brahim Ainabi, Nine Mountain is often available to our guests who prefer a Bed & Breakfast setting. The hot tub at their facility is also often accessible to Earthdance guests.

There are other Bed & Breakfasts available in the local area. Contact Earthdance directly for more information.