The Celebration Score

The Celebration Score is an improvisation designed to inspire the creation of a celebration and fundraiser for Earthdance in your community.

From October 8 until January 8th we invite you to create a gathering, however big or small, bringing together a couple of friends, your whole neighborhood, or many communities, to celebrate and support Earthdance!



October 8th through December 31st
  1. Find a location
    (a house, a studio, a field, a farm)
  2. Gather some friends
    (colleagues, neighbors and collaborators)
  3. Make a motion, move, build something together
    (improvise or make a dance, eat, have a parade, wear a costume, build a barn, tell stories)
  4. Direct that energy upward, toward each other, toward the future, toward Earthdance 
    (remember the last 25 years, remember the last time you were at Earthdance, think about what it was, what it is, what you'd like it to become)
  5. Share it
    (email us a little note, photograph, thought or video about your Celebration Score)
  6. Send your proceeds to Earthdance 
    (Earthdance, Attention: Executive Artistic Director, 252 Prospect St. Plainfield, Ma 01070) 


The logistics

  • Let us know in advance that you're planning a Celebration Score in your community and we'll highlight it on our website. Email:, with your details.  Subject: CELEBRATION SCORE: Your community, venue, or however you’d like us to recognize you & your event!
  • We will send you a marketing design to fill in with all your own, personalized details!
  • You get to decide what the Celebration Score looks, feels, tastes and smells like in your community. Collect donations for Earthdance in whatever way feels best to you, from $10-$10,000, it all makes a difference.
  • Email us a document from your score (#5) and we'll share it on our blog.
  • Send money you raise from your Celebration Score to:Earthdance, Attention: Executive Artistic Director, 252 Prospect St. Plainfield, Ma 01070
  • Donations to Earthdance are tax deductible. Once you send us notification of your event, we will send you a form thank you letter, for any of your donors, with our tax-deduction information therein!


*photos © Jared Williams, Ayla Rector, John Barrett and Neige Christenson