Registration for the 2021 Winter New Year's Jam

Thank you for beginning registration for Earthdance's Winter New Year's Jam. As we re-open in relation to Covid-19, we are also putting in place new practices focused on building anti-oppression efforts as an organization holding space for diverse peoples to gather. We seek to create a welcoming environment for joyous and/or rigorous experience that does not at the same time cause harm to other participants or either actively or unconsciously exclude certain groups. 

In order to proceed with registration we ask that you Review Earthdance's Anti-Discrimmination Commitment and then proceed to Complete the Related Form as the first step in registering. After completing the form, you will be taken to the remainder of registration for the Winter New Year's Jam. We look forward to celebrating the New Year with you!



After completing the Form you will see a link on the confirmation page to continue registering for the Jam