2021: BIPOC Affinity Space: Resist, Rest, Rebel, Reclaim

A monthly  BIPOC- only space for self -identified Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC).

June 20, 2021 -
7:00pm to 9:30pm

Programming category: 

June 20th space will be held by Andrew Suseno .

What territory have we encountered over the last 7-8 months, or a lifetime, or a generation, or many generations? Who has access to rest? How does one build resilience? How do individuals weave connections to community, resources, wealth, and tools? How do we find each other in mutual resistance to systems that have oppressed the spirit, voices and bodies of BIPOC folks? In this shared experience, I hypothesize that we need rested and expressed bodies, we need affinity spaces, we need each other and we deserve each other. 

This virtual space is held by Andrew Suseno and in collaboration with resources and interest provided from Earthdance leadership. With 2.5 hours reserved, we, the collective of participants may decide to spend 20 minutes together or the full 150 minutes. This space is offered in order to exclusively center Black, Indigenous, and people of color. This is not a space for white allies. Amongst BIPOC identity demographics we hold the potential of intersectional privilege and marginalization. This time together will also hold space for the intersections of queerness, disability justice and the class/wealth inequities America’s contract with capitalism has oppressed on those with marginalized identities. 

The centerpoint of our time together will be a proposal to focus on our own bodies, in stillness and movement, and our connections with each other. We will have no goals, we will not need to share what we accomplish, there is no need for success in our time together. This is not a class, this is an invitation for building connections together across distance. 


Beginning Agreements:

  • We start together, on time and with a small buffer margin, you may leave at any point.
  • We can collectively decide to end the experience at any time.
  • I request we start with cameras on, if possible. You may then choose to participate camera off or on, and are not required to share.
  • This session will not be recorded.


Things to bring (optional):

  • A beverage, tea, water, juice. (I prefer it’s not noticeably alcoholic.)
  • An object that holds meaning for you.
  • A notebook and something to write with. 

*If you plan to attend more than one event, please save your acces link as you will not need to re-regisster to join.
Please contact Taja Will, taja@earthdance.net, with questions or accessibility issues.
Andrew Suseno is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and is certified in the Feldenkrais Method and Laban Movement Analysis. Andrew is a dancer and activist whose passion for anti-racist change feeds his creation of the form Parcon Resilience - a site-specific somatic improvisational form that interweaves with anti-oppressive process and community building.

Photo by Darryl Padill