Rooted Essence Dance Workshop (FREE)

Reaching back into our history and the legacy of black dance to move forward with greater awareness and power 

July 25, 2019 -
6:00pm to 7:00pm

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Hosted by Rooted Essence: Featuring Guest Artists and Choreographers

Join us for a workshop as part of a 5-day residency and retreat hosted by Rooted Essence on Earthdance's serene & sacred grounds for women of color ages 15-35. The workshop will be an extension of the retreat's exploration of identity, inter-generational sisterhood, and the ministry of dance, and include elements of Rooted Essence's program for healing, culture, and community set to empower and create a dance to be presented at the Harambee Festival in Springfield on Saturday, July 27th.

The workshop is free & open to all. 

For more information and to sign up for the Rooted Essence retreat, visit their website >>