Body Ecology (FREE) — Part of Dynamic Alignment

with Zoë Solomons

June 18, 2019 -
6:00pm to 8:00pm

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The living human body is an ecosystem that mirrors planet earth, like a pool of water reflecting the intricate composition and interdependent systems of our planet. Can we hold, nurture, respect and journey in exploration of our body as nature and nature as our body? 

In this class we will examine our physical forms—the inheritance of our ancestors millennia on this planet—in order to understand human movement in action. We may bring the beauty and treasures from the rich Earthdance land to inspire and illuminate our research. We dream to appreciate the fundamental interdependence of humans and nature.

This workshop is FREE and offered as a taste to the weekend workshop Dynamic Alignment: Dancing the Axis Syllabus taking place June 20-23.

The Axis Syllabus is an emergent pedagogical initiative that aims to build a system of references for the human body in movement. The study and experience of anatomy, biomechanics, physiology, somatics, and physics is at the heart of our research. This body of knowledge is continuously put in a direct relationship with experiencing movement.

This workshop is open to movers of all kinds and experience levels.
(photo credit: Cristina Wilson)


Continue this class through the Individual Track as part of the weekend workshop 11:30am - 1:30pm Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Register Here >>

Zoë Solomons is a dancer/mother/teacher/Osteopath. She has performed for Felix Ruckert, Tino Seghal and Simonetta Alessandri among others. Zoë qualified to teach Axis Syllabus universal motion principles in 2008 and has since taught at major dance centres and schools in the U.K. and internationally. Her eclectic training in medicine and bodywork, and a dance background including improvisation, tango, folkdance and contemporary inform her embodied approach to functional movement pedagogy. 



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