Moving with Relational Intelligence: A weekend of Contact Improvisation (CI) & ensemble dancing

with Nita Little

May 30, 2019 - 5:00pm to June 2, 2019 - 3:00pm

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This weekend workshop digs into the skills and practices of physical communication in ensemble dancing. Become relevant to the change you seek in the world! Based in dynamic research practices, we'll reach into the physics, somatics, and attentional skills of moving together to explore the practical politics of living life in-touch. We'll examine our assumptions about our own capacities, question our trained modes of embodiment to discover alternatives, and refresh our individual & collective agreements.

We'll discover what it means to be multiple and why that brings brilliance. Moving beyond the possessive individual, we'll turn to the physical body in motion with others to answer technical and philosophical questions about our particular cultural influences. Through training, discussions, scores for exploration, solos, duets, and much ensemble dancing, we'll seek greater movement freedom through communion. Our quest is to further our personal relational intelligence through attentional practices that build dynamic, tactile, environmental networks.

Expect this work to be deeply personal yet collectively supported. Technical and philosophical, we'll work with artistic and every-day wisdom. Our work is supported by dance & somatic knowledges, cultural & race studies, presence & attention practices, cognitive science, and the work currently being researched internationally by the Institute for the Study of Somatic Communication (ISSC).

For people of all backgrounds & experiences; no movement experience necessary.

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Participant Community Support
As Earthdance runs as a​ community, all participants contribute to 1-2 chore shifts (typically meal cleans) throughout the weekend and a Final House Clean on Monday, January 21st. These are great ways to connect more with your fellow participants, Earthdance staff, and to feel more at home here. We will be welcoming you into this collective home and thus so appreciate your contributions to our space!

About the teacher


Nita Little is an activist for relational intelligence through improvisational dance practices that began with the emergence and development of Contact Improvisation (CI). A dancer, teacher, choreographer, and theorist, her work with Steve Paxton was generative of CI in 1972. Little received her PhD in Performance Studies in 2014. She tours worldwide on a regular basis working for dance companies, at festivals, conferences and universities teaching, lecturing, and choreographing. Her writing investigates ecological actions of attention and the creative potentials present in entangled relations. She initiated the Institute for the Study of Somatic Communication (the ISSC) in 2016 with dance research ensembles (which all share CI in common) participating from around the globe.