Medicine Story, Another Place Farm and Mettanokit Community

Earthdance's Roots & Community started with Medicine Story, Another Place Farm and Mettanokit Community (Wampanoag language meaning "Heart of Our Sacred Mother Earth")

Medicine Story, Ellika, (Mettanokit community) and Another Place Farm are not too far from here... And it is the main jump off place for many of us early Earthdancers who have landed here in Plainfield and near heres about. The land is beautiful and the love energy strong with these wonderful friends of mine.

If my days were foot loose and fancy free I'd definitely get up and see what could be dreamed into there. This Another Place is where my dreams of Freedom and creative living were nourished as a teen into my twenties.

Please share with your earth thinking friends and circles far and wide please For the elders and for the Earth to which we all return.

Much Love,



I am here in this world to spread two important ideas.  The first is that our problems can all be solved by connecting and listening to each other, and the second is that human beings became human when they cooperated and came together to live in communities.  Community provides care for those who cannot care for themselves, the very young, the infirm, and the very elderly.

The irony is that I have helped so many others to create community and now that I am elderly and needing more care I do not have a community of my own to care for me.  Ellika cares for me, but she is becoming elderly and will need care herself.  My sons could care for me, but that is a burden for a single family.  For a community it is no burden to care for children and elders who are precious gifts to everyone.

Donna of the former Nature School has responsibility for the houses and land where we live, and she cares for Ellika and me, but she will also be an elder soon and her physical capacities are already diminished.  Once we had community here, caring for each other and for the houses and land.  A wonderful solution for us would be to have a community here again to care for us and for the property.  There is room here for many people and a few could make a start now to attract many more.

So this is a feeler.  Are you ready for a great adventure – to come together with others to change your life and change the world?  Counsel with yourself and others about that.  Ellika and I would help and be part of that.  It has all been done here before, we don’t have to re-invent it, but we can fashion it in any way we choose.

Together there is nothing we cannot do.

What I can tell you is that the community we had here called Mettanokit at Another Place was truly wonderful.  We have a couple of  public TV programs made about us that show that,   It only ended when our children were grown and my attention was drawn to Europe while Emmy's was drawn to Boston.  The land here is still beautiful, the house, a classic from about 1810, has need of much repair and some rebuilding that a group could take on bit by bit.  The mortgage has been paid and no investment of money would be needed at once.  If you are interested let's explore the possibilities together.

This would be my favorite solution for this place, in accord with my needs, experience and vision.  If there are not enough others who would like to make a start at community here now, the other solution would be to sell the property and hope to have enough to support us.  I m hoping for myself somehow not to have to move for what’s left of my life from my little hand-made house with my library of 3,000 books!

Making a change is never easy.  Like Hamlet “we would rather bear those ills we have than fly to others we know not of.”  Are you settled for the rest of you life?  Is that all there is for you?  Let me hear from you.  Anyone up for adventure, for creating a new life, community, and changing the world?  Let’s connect.


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