E|MERGE 2018 Participants

E|MERGE Interdisciplinary Collaborative Residency

Kate Blair

I am curious about the healing power of art and the creative process. I want to support both the creative process of others, and my own creative process.
I am curious to get to know other artists. I am also curious, as an Earthdance staff, how to create a model here at Earthdance, that supports Resident Staff Artists, in doing their creative work, and taking it just as seriously as the other work we have to do. I feel that participating in E|MERGE (as a current Earthdance staff) may help myself and others think of and create new angles, or creative possibilities with this.



Jody Ying Chu

I would say I’m interested in all of them! It’s not because I am greedy, it’s because you cannot isolate any one of them from each other! All of them function well with each other’s support, but it’s also possible that one of them would kill the others, so what really matters is the harmonious balance among each other! If I really need to choose one, I would prefer creative disciplines! I am very clear that this is the main motivation and intention of me being an interdisciplinary dance artist, working body mind and soul as a whole-being, instead of a marketing executive working with my brain only.



Gineen Cooper

I want to weave other areas of creative ideas, intellectual input and emotional feedback into the process of bringing this project to completion or the next level, as i'm sure it will evolve over time. I would love to learn more about leadership structures and organizational models that could enrich my range of possibilities in future creative collaborations, especially for large outdoor climate justice performative events that join protest with poetry, visuals, dance and sound.




Noah Harharah

Having a structure for labtime and space to focus and channel this creative energy seems important to me.
Furthermore, I would love to be a witness and collaborate with others within their creative explorations or projects and have a good time as a group of creative creatures, and moreover witness and learn how a group of creative beings can be facilitated in their creative journey together





Bruce Hooke

I see collaborations as offering a rich mixing of ideas and more minds working to refine the ideas, but also bringing more possibilities for conflict, and presenting the challenge of how to keep it feeling like a true collaboration rather than one person overseeing a team. An important element of this last point is making sure the collaborators are reasonably well-matched in terms of what they bring to the collaboration.





Kristy Janvier

I'm interested in collaborating to any capacity. As the only dancer based in my small Northern city, I don't have many opportunities to create with others. I would like to be inspired by other disciplines to see how we can combine our practices from our embodied experiences.






Ramjeet Kaur

Models of circular agency, building cultures of trust and kindness...using tools of Theater of the Oppressed to reveal and reflect power structures even in the group that is forming for E|MERGE. My interest is to bring the investigation to ourselves in the present moment so we can learn.






Andray Lee

To entertain with video arts, to film, tell stories, and to film some short movies from some stories.







Eileen Levinson

I hope to primarily focus on making visual work - 2D design, video, GIFs or even a web-based project, but I'd like the process of getting there to be through experimenting with movement improvisation foremost. Because my ideas are open at this time, I would be happy to be a support for other dancer's projects, taking their ideas and translating them into a graphic or visual form. I could also see myself leading a session or two, teaching design techniques in the the hopes of inspiring other maker's to bring visual design into their projects.




Mandey Lund

I am interested in dancing, shooting video, working with visuals, creating fine art, writing poetry or story telling, and exploring movement. A project I am interested in bringing to ElMERGE is a short art film on being in a relationship with nature through our bodies (interacting with nature), visually (through matching body with environment/element), and energetically (through movement and embodiment). It is based on the theory of each chakra relating to a different element- root/earth, sexual/water, fire/sacral, heart/air, throat/space, third eye/all, crown/ether. I would love to direct and collaborate with the dancers and videographer. I could also video/dance in this project.


Allison Popeieski

Leadership structures and creative disciplines are two collaborations I am very interested in exploring. I would also love to explore the process of creating a piece and developing choreography, either based on one specific style or a variety of styles. So many people develop their pieces in a variety of ways, and I am interested in sharing and combining thoughts and pathways to artistic works.




Tyler Rai

I am interested in exploring visual art and music in regards to my performance background/practices. I would be interested in exploring a rotating leadership structure, where the material each artist brings to the group can be further experimented with, deconstructed/re-constructed through shifts in the leadership role. I am also interested in leadership structures that are not human-centric. What would it mean to assign aspects of nature as the leaders, or organizational models through which we communicate and organize ourselves? This is a question I am deeply interested in exploring.



Alma Sivan

I am interested in researching and creating an ensemble, a joint creation of a number of people, movement, theater and performance. also video i love.The structure that interests me is a creation through investigation and a world of images that will be created together in the encounter between us. I create from emotional experiences as well as associations that are revealed in the work process. I will be happy to work with people who reserch movement and characters and themselves and that are ready to be exposed together and lead together



Elizabeth Weinstein

I am curious about reimagining my own understandings of collaboration, of broadening the spectrum of how I understand interdependence and reciprocity. I am interested in generative collaborations with the land, of building a community of makers that takes no more than it gives. I am interested in exploring relationships of complementary necessity, building structures that rely on difference for the whole to thrive. I am interested in collaborative structures that modify to fit the participants, and discovering in ourselves what forms require our own personal and collective transformations.



I am open to working through various models and opportunities for collaboration. I also feel that I am equally driven when taking the role of lead artist as well as a performing solely as a main collaborator, seeking to manifest another artist’s vision. I am excited to work as a movement artist and/or set designer (installation artist) on any appropriate project. I would be just as excited to work with only one individual or a full chorus of artists across the disciplines. I prefer to work as a movement artist with artist of other disciplines, especially filmmakers, photographers and musicians.