Moving Arts Lab 2019: Festival Performance

August 24, 2019 - 8:00pm

Programming category: 

Join us for a special festival performance by teaching artists from the International Interdisciplinary Artists Consortium (IIAC) as part of Moving Arts Lab 2019: a festival meeting ground for interdisciplinary exploration

2019 teaching artists will share practices and performance sketches from their ongoing creative research into voice, improvisation, site-specific performance, physical theater, and more, related to workshops being offered in Moving Arts Lab 2019.

$15 suggested donation


2019 teaching artists:

Esther Baker-Tarpaga, Deborah Black, Dan Bear Davis, Krista DeNio, Debra Disbrow, Federico Hewson, Ivana Ivković, Martín Lanz Landázuri, Arely Landeros, LEIMAY (Ximena Garnica and Shige Moriya), Thea Little, Agnieszka Mendel, Deirdre Morris, Odeya Nini, Iskra Sukarova, Larissa Velez-Jackson, and Edisa Weeks

Moving Arts Lab 2019 workshops:

Active Listening: Collaboration, Improvisation, and Site Performance; Becoming Known: An experiment in creating from text; Rhythm Reclamation Exorcises; Rooting, Routing, Reaching; Presence and Storytelling – Physical and Emotional Impulse; A Series of Interventions; WALK POEMS – a workshop on dance & discourse; M.w.t.t.t.; M I C R O P O L I S; LUDUS/LEIMAY WATER; LUDUS/LEIMAY BECOMING; Healing Games of Communication; POLIPHONY – THE KEY TO UNITY; FREE THE RESONANT VOICE; Choreological approaches applied as an improvisational tool; The Healing State of Performance; Exploring the Personal and Political; and Laughtercises

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