Moving Arts Lab 2020: an online festival for interdisciplinary exploration

Facilitated by Peter Sciscioli

August 21, 2020 - 12:00pm to August 23, 2020 - 4:30pm

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For this year’s version of the lab, we invite you to gather online to investigate and experience ways that movement, sound, image, and performance can inform human culture, while responding to the current moment. With multiple workshops each day, teaching artists from the International Interdisciplinary Artists Consortium (IIAC) create an embodied, if even virtual, dialogue at the intersection of modalities—voice, movement, activism, site-specific performance, drawing, physical theater, and more. Open to all levels and backgrounds.


2020 Teaching Artists*:

Hadar Ahuvia and Tatyana Tenenbaum, Esther Baker Tarpaga and Deirdre Morris, Deborah Black, Cândida Borges, Krista DeNio, Debra Disbrow, Ursula Eagly and Takemi Kitamura, Conrado Falbo, Ximena Garnica (LEIMAY), Federico Hewson, Martín Lanz Landázuri, Arely Landeros, Jeanine McCain, Odeya Nini, Terre Parker, Ana Sofrenovic, Petra van Noort, and Larissa Velez-Jackson

*Teaching Artists subject to change


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What is IIAC?
The International Interdisciplinary Artists Consortium (IIAC) is a network of performing and creative artists, educators, and producers working across artistic disciplines and continental divides. The body and movement are central to the consortium’s practice, research, and dialogue. IIAC's primary aspirations are: 1) To engage in artists' residencies that offer opportunities for knowledge exchange which feed into larger social, cultural, and educational structures (i.e. workshops, festivals, and academia); 2) To identify and sustain methods for sharing resources and values; 3) To expand a network of partners. Established in 2012 by Brooklyn-based performer, creator, educator, and producer, Peter Sciscioli, IIAC has since grown to include over 60 artists living and/or working in such countries as Australia, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Canada, Colombia, Croatia, Cuba, Curaçao, England, Finland, Guåhan, Honduras, Israel, Italy, Japan, North Macedonia, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, and Uruguay, and from within the U.S. in states including California, Colorado, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Mexico, New York, and Pennsylvania.







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2020 Teachers and Workshop Descriptions

--------------- Friday 12:30pm - 2:00pm (Choose one) ---------------

Tree Land Sky: site-responsive listening & practice
with Deirdre Amirault Morris and Esther Baker-Tarpaga
Site-responsive research helps us develop a language of understanding….of land, trees, skies, walls, and windows…and gives us tools for being in relationship with the ecologies of our surroundings. Site-responsive movement invokes the history, architecture, and possibilities inherent within a place. It describes how experience shifts depending on the spaces bodies encounter. It is an allowing of space to reflect what story it wants to tell, and have movement follow…to create resonance, dissonance, and movement between body, place, and memory. During this online workshop we will tap into all of our senses, and actively listen to and explore our environments. We will use movement exercises to regulate our nervous systems, build community through collaboration, and create resilient practices. We will begin with an acknowledgement of gratitude, a guided sitting or moving meditation, and a rhythmic warm-up. We will dance inside and outside, we will dance our ecologies and each other. Participants will be asked to go outside or connect with nature, and if they do not have access to outside space, they can be inside.

Esther Baker-Tarpaga is a choreographer and interdisciplinary artist. She is co-founder of Baker & Tarpaga Dance Project and co-founder of Propelled Animals, an interdisciplinary arts and social justice collective and recipients of a MAP Grant. She recently performed at ArtYard New Jersey, No New Idols Festival in Riga, Latvia, The Englert Theatre Iowa City, InsideOut Festival, Burkina Faso, and Kelly Strayhorn Theatre, Pittsburgh. She currently teaches at Temple University and has an M.F.A. in Dance from UCLA and B.A. from Bowdoin College.She grew up in the foothills of Fort Collins, Colorado and lives in Philadelphia with her family.

Deirdre Amirault Morris is a working member of Dancing Earth Indigenous Creations. She is also the founder/director of The Forgotten Body Remembers (, a site for research and implementation of somatic practices, social justice ecologies, and community development through the arts. Her work has been most recently received at SITE Sweden, Center for Contemporary Arts Santa Fe, NM, Impulstanz/IDOCDE, & Artpolis/FemArt Festival (Pristina, Kosovo). Deirdre presented and published her research, Somatic Generosity: Cultivating Empathy in the Classroom and Beyond, at the Latin American Social Innovation Network, Panama City, Panama in September 2017. She earned her MFA in Interdisciplinary Dramatic Arts and Performance Studies from UC Davis in 2014.

Propelled Animals (Esther):


Free the Voice
with Odeya Nini
The Voice is an instrument that radiates from the soul, resonates in the body, and is pure energy and touch. Harnessing the energy of the Voice is a strength that is felt deep within ourselves and heard loudly outside of ourselves.  This workshop is dedicated to Vocal Expression, sensing the voice, feeling and understanding the physicality of sound, freeing our minds of preconceived ideas of song, and realizing the transformational healing effects we have on ourselves and others when we use our voice with intention and love. Both through introspective work and outward playfulness, we will explore the voice as an instrument that radiates from the imagination, body and movement, not limited to conventions of language, but rather able to convey myriad forms of communication. 

Odeya Nini is a Los Angeles based interdisciplinary vocalist, composer and embodied voice teacher. Her artistic work ranges from orchestral music to sound installations and healing vocal sound baths. She leads workshops and retreats dedicated to the integration of mindfulness, communication, energy and play in releasing the resonant voice. As a solo performer her voice has been heard from Los Angeles to Australia, Madagascar, Mongolia and Vietnam.


We Feel, We Move, We Heal
with Petra van Noort
At these times of instability and great change we’ve all experienced a rainbow of emotions. We will explore where these eclectic feelings live in our smart bodies, what they feel like in the viscera and how these rhythms might move us to move. As we allow these rhythms to engage us, moving us physically and emotionally they then connect us to each other through a deeply shared mutual understanding of that which our bodies “just” know. Together we will play with improvisation and collide our mini discoveries, allowing for unexpected moments to arise: framed nuggets of humanity.

Petra van Noort is a co-creator in the arts and healing arts. During her 25+ year performing arts career in dance theater, mostly in NYC and mostly working with companies that utilize a collaboratively creative model, she helped herself and her clients stay balanced with the complementary wellness modalities of reflexology and yoga in parallel careers. She has taught all of the above internationally in a wide variety of settings. Her most recent creations have been: “Not Meant To Be/Solo (Twinless?)", about Vanishing Twin Syndrome and “OTITO”, a parallel practices performance and design collaboration with Sondra Graff.

--------------- Friday 2:30pm - 4:00pm (Choose one) ---------------

Performance research & distance reiki
with Ursula Eagly & Takemi Kitamura
Choreographer Ursula Eagly will introduce her artistic process--approaching uncommon materials and crafting somatic experiences for audiences--as well as her current interest in working with distance reiki. Next, reiki master and performing artist Takemi Kitamura will offer a half hour of distance reiki to the group, which will be followed by a conversation. What was your experience receiving reiki? What ideas, expertise, preconceptions, or skepticism did you bring to the experience? And what are the ethics and implications of bringing healing work into an art context? Takemi will need your explicit consent to receive reiki, and your participation in the discussion is most welcome also without receiving reiki.

Ursula Eagly is a choreographer based in New York City. Her works are characterized by a “rabbit-hole logic” (New York Times), and her research considers the potential of porosity. Works have been commissioned throughout New York City, and her interest in different artistic contexts has drawn her to sustained multi-year international projects—including with fellow IIACers Martín Lanz Landazuri, Arely Landeros, Kohji Setoh, and Iskra Sukarova. Ursula premiered a piece for psychosocial motor systems commissioned by Danspace Project last year, and her previous project, an iterative work performed in multiple mediums that was commissioned by The Chocolate Factory, is still available as a vinyl LP. 


Takemi Kitamura was born and raised in Japan, and she is living in NY working as an energy healing practitioner and performing artist. She is a certified Reiki Master and Advanced IET practitioner, and a member practitioner at MINKA, Brooklyn NY. She is also a performing artist based in New York, and has worked with numerous companies and individual artists. She feels both performing art and energy work integrate herself and necessary parts of her life.


Floral Interventions
with Federico Hewson
How are artists and activists using flowers? From a tradition in national revolutions to current movements regarding immigration, black lives and homophobic violence - art activists are using nature's gifts to further their message and amplify and strengthen their voices. Federico will present many of these artists using flowers to communicate their objectives and how he is working with illustrators to bring out their stories. He'll also talk about his own floral art history in the U.S. and the Netherlands and the work of other eco-artists working with nature in innovative strategies within politics or ritual to counter environmental destruction.

Federico Hewson is based in Berlin. Originally from California, with an Italian and British background, he calls himself an “Internationalist” having lived and worked in London, Amsterdam, Berlin, and New York. He received his Master’s degree in Art Education at New York University. He is currently working on an illustrated book of flowers as tools of persuasion in revolutions and current political movements and art actions. His photo essay Teaching Flowers was published in Routledge's Teaching Artist Journal. Having been a performance artist, social entrepreneur, and art activist Federico is interested in how art and social evolution intersect including strategies of socially purposed business.



Star Pû Method f.k.a. Star Crap Method
with Larissa Velez-Jackson
A somatic movement, sounding, and speaking practice for dancers and other humans researched and formulated in the choreographic work of Larissa Velez-Jackson. Participants will exercise their creative and healing personal power through self-awareness, sound, meaning-making, joy, and non-neutral states (like the performance state). Emotion and humor are unearthed via the vulnerability of out-loud human experience; thus, making the internal landscape external. Commune with pen and paper, surfaces (outdoors or indoors), and energy centers of the body toward a solo experience that connects participants with the vast field from which all of us are ultimately always connected. Participants may use pen and paper, cushions or pillows if needed for comfortable stillness in meditations, comfy clothes, and favorite objects are welcome.

Larissa Velez-Jackson (LVJ) is a NYC-based choreographer, movement educator and multi-platform artist who uses improvisation as a tool for research and creation; blending dance, healing modalities, sound, internet art, humor and strategies of self-compassion in her original performance practice called, Star Pû Method (f.k.a. Star Crap Method). LVJ was nominated for a New York Dance and Performance “Bessie” award for Outstanding Emerging Choreographer and was awarded the Foundation for Contemporary Arts, Grant to Artists, in 2016. (all excerpts and reels)

--------------- Saturday 12:30pm - 2:00pm (Choose one) ---------------

Alignment and Balancing
with Martín Lanz Landázuri
Through the sensation that we have of the bones, their weight, and their organization, we will allow the body to settle organically and prepare for movement, whether creative, mechanical, or for the day in general. A physical practice that works with anatomy, mostly the skeleton. Working with a bit of breathing and visualization to access some specific spots and some regions of the body. Participants will need a space to lie down and stretch.

Martín Lanz Landázuri is an interdisciplinary artist based in Mexico City. He usually creates work for specific sites, bringing together ensembles of interdisciplinary artists, with the goal to integrate sound, movement, architecture, science and audience experience. Martín also collaborates, generating international exchange projects with different collectives, projects or organizations, focusing on mobility, geopolitics and creative process. Currently he is teaching at the National Center for Arts in Mexico City. Martín’s work is supported by the National Fund for Arts and Culture in México (FONCA) to do an exchange between México, Brazil, Japan and the E.U. through Laboratorio: Condensación, a project co-lead with Arely Landeros.



Body of Voice
with Ana Sofrenović
This vocal workshop is aimed at bringing out the voice in its most natural, unobstructed form. Exploring one’s own authentic vocal expression through improvising, exploring inner listening, and discovering how it responds and resonates within its inner and outer environment. Our time together will give participants a sense of moving and challenging their own perception of what their body of voice is as well as awakening their bodies in the process.

Ana Sofrenovic is an award-winning international film and stage actress, vocalist, director and educator based in Belgrade, Serbia. She has played leading roles in some of the most significant film and theater productions in the former Yugoslavia and has appeared in several TV series for the BBC and ITV. Her experience in concert performance ranges from rock and jazz to music-theatre and contemporary music .She has been exploring voice through her own work and workshops as well as workshops by artists such as Meredith Monk, Shelley Hirsch, Jaap Blonk, Joan La Barbara, John Giorno, Maria Hussman, Morton Subotnik, David Moss, Sadeet Turkoz and many others.


with Terre Parker
In this workshop we will practice receiving from the earth. Through sensory perception, physical connection with trees/dirt/sky/rock/water, and integrative expression, we will restore ourselves by building awareness of our connection to earth systems. Participants will begin and end together via video conference with time for solo exploration in between. If possible, identify these resources in advance (don’t worry if you can’t find them all): a window with a view, a found natural object, an outdoor location within a 5 min. walk, journal, time piece, outdoor blanket, two signs that say “Dance in Progress.” If possible, identify these resources in advance (don’t worry if you can’t find them all): a window with a view, a found natural object, an outdoor location within a 5 minute walk, journal, time piece, outdoor blanket, two signs that say “Dance in Progress.”

Terre Parker is founding director of Mae/Movement Arts Ensemble and a former principal dancer of Anna Halprin’s Dance Company. Terre’s choreographic and video work has been presented by Videoholica Varna (Bulgaria), Université du Québec à Montréal, One People Voice Company (Java/Bali), Art in Nature Festival (CA), Sense of Place Dance Festival (WY), and Brooklyn Academy of Arts and Dance, among others. Terre’s artistic practice encompasses environmental and stage performance, dance video, visual scores, installation, participatory ritual, arts integrated curriculum, and teaching in a wide range of settings from museums to community centers to universities. With a certification in Halprin’s somatic approach and MFA in Interdisciplinary Art from Goddard College, she teaches at Studio Firenze and for the University of Massachusetts Arts Extension Service.

--------------- Saturday 2:30pm - 4:00pm (Choose one) ---------------

What’s next? Contextualizing change through the theory of the Six Viewpoints
with Deborah Black
An experiential lecture inspired by Mary Overlie’s theory of postmodernism. We will look at how hierarchies fall through the history of Western art from classicism to postmodernism. Throughout the lecture there will be prompts to experience this physically, both individually and collectively. Perhaps this framework will give us insight into what’s next in our own creative or activist practices.

Deborah Black is a dancer, theatre maker, writer, and teacher. She has performed in the work of Deborah Hay, Mary Overlie, Susan Rethorst, and Ann Hamilton. While living in Rotterdam (NL) from 2013-16, she created and toured with the Tuning People (BE) and Ymist Company (NO). She is currently researching the space between the body and language with poet Alyson Hallett (UK) and while writing her first book. Deborah has taught physical theatre and dance at the Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Tilburg (NL) for three years. She led guest and master classes at Goldsmith’s University London, NYU’s Experimental Theatre Wing, Drama Studio London, Ohio University, Skidmore College, Rowan University, James Madison University, University of South Florida, as well as private workshops in New York City and all across Europe. She currently teaches Mary Overlie’s Six Viewpoints on-line. /


Gateways into the Voice
with Debra Disbrow
Inspired by self- scripting/ collective writing techniques, Roy Hart extended voice, physical theater/ Grotowski, viewpoints and movement scores, we will experiment with the untold stories within our voices. Experiments with melody, song, text and storytelling will be encouraged through physical and vocal exploration, extending into writing and providing tools to generate material.

Debra Disbrow creates, performs, and directs ensemble and solo works that cross disciplines of music, dance, and theater. Recently she co-created the comedic Ease and Flow ZoomCruise with Krista DeNio and fellow collaborators Jon and Larissa Velez-Jackson for New Dance Alliance. She performs and records vocals and synth with her band Swaaah, her own solo work and has co- directed and produced voiceovers for Voice of O Productions/Gameloft. She teaches embodied voice, physical and devised theater, movement improvisation and the intersection between them. Founding member of Workshop for Potential Movement (dance theater), Convergences Theater Collective, and IIAC. MFA in Theater- Contemporary Performance from Naropa University.


Doodling as expressive meditation
with Conrado Falbo
The dictionary describes doodling as “an idle, aimless or foolish activity”. The workshop is an invitation to subvert this idea and approach the art of doodling as a way of cultivating both a meditative state of presence and an effective channel for artistic expression. The main idea is to improvise with doodling through a series of very simple exercises that can be applied/adapted to a great variety of contexts and needs. The activities combine doodling, movement and voice practices. No previous experience with anything is required. Participants will need: - Several sheets of paper - Assorted drawing material (pencils, crayons, sharpies etc.) - A pair of scissors - Glue stick or tape.

Conrado Falbo is an interdisciplinary artist working with movement, sound and drawing through the perspective of improvisation both as a creative and interactive approach to performance, teaching/researching and healing. Since 2011, as a member of Coletivo Lugar Comum (independent artist collective based in Recife, Brazil), he´s been experimenting with interdisciplinary performance in public spaces and collaborative creative practices. For the past eight years he´s also been intensely committed to the discipline of Authentic Movement (under the supervision of Soraya Jorge, who introduced the discipline in Brazil) and Contact Improvisation (having studied with teachers from various nationalities/backgrounds and organized workshops and festivals throughout Brazil).

--------------- Sunday 12:30pm - 2:00pm (Choose one) ---------------

Kempt & Unkempt
with Hadar Ahuvia & Tatyana Tenenbaum
Our offering arises from practices of co-authorship, weaving our Jewish diasporic histories through song, text, poetry, rhythm and movement. Hadar’s family’s composed collectivist pageants in Palestine that supported the Zionist project; Tatyana’s grandparents worked as Broadway producers, sowing seeds of the American dream through musical theater. We emerge from these traditions in a colonial wreckage, searching for vestiges of ancestral memory within them. Together we are reckoning, recovering and naming in an effort to re-inscribe what is ours. We will provide an entry point to our practice through vibrational mapping, phonetic and textual play with Yiddish and Hebrew. This workshop is open to all.

Hadar Ahuvia and Tatyana Tenenbaum (NYC/Lenapehoking) are interdisciplinary performance makers who have been supporting each other’s work since 2014. Our collaboration has been supported by Roulette Intermedium, Mount Tremper Arts, and Center at West Park. Individually we have been presented by Danspace Project, The Chocolate Factory, 14th Street Y, Movement Research, Baryshnikov Arts Center and Yaddo, among others. Hadar has worked with Sara Rudner, Jill Sigman, Donna Uchizono, Molly Poerstel, Anna Sperber, Jon Kinzel, Stuart Shugg, Kathy Westwater, Reggie Wilson/ Fist and Heel Performance Group and Shira Eviatar. Tatyana has worked with Yoshiko Chuma, Jennifer Monson, Daria Faïn, Emily Johnson/CATALYST, Levi Gonzalez and Juliana May. (password: you)


Transformation through Dance: LEIMAY LUDUS BECOMING
with Ximena Garnica | LEIMAY

Grow as a performer and creator. Stimulate your imagination, enrich your creativity, and expand your notions of body, space, and time while challenging euro-centric dance and performance training frameworks. This LEIMAY LUDUS BECOMING offers guided physical explorations that engage with expanding states of consciousness to enable multiple realms of perception and utilizes improvisation as a means of personal exploration. Each dancer’s physical potential is cultivated to develop a unique movement language rooted in transformation. Together we will decentralize self-centered approaches to movement. We will challenge our body’s materiality and enliven our sensorium through listening to the rhythms and textures of the non-human. And we will use impossibility as spark to enrich the ways in which we create and inhabit the world. Please dress comfortably (sweatpants), and be ready to work without shoes. Please remove obstacles in your space, and choose a camera angle so you can be seen by the instructor. You are responsible for your own body and space and are welcome to make appropriate adjustments/accommodations.

Ximena Garnica is a Colombian artist, director and choreographer. Ximena is one half of the multidisciplinary arts duo LEIMAY, formed with her partner Shige Moriya. The word LEIMAY is a Japanese term symbolizing the changing moment between darkness and the light of dawn, or the transition from one era to the other. Ximena and Shige work out of their home studio CAVE, which is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Ximena was recently a Distinguished Visiting Professor at the University of California Riverside.


A Sense of Place: Creating and Framing Embodiment Solos
with Jeanine McCain
This workshop will experiment with embodied solo practices. It will include movement, writing, and composition exercises that explore a sense of place and how our connection to our surroundings shapes our human experience. As part of this process, we will also consider the implications of technology on our current art-making practices, and consider improvisational and compositional framing from a filmic perspective.

Jeanine McCain is a dancer, choreographer, cinematographer, and teaching artist. Her current research explores a sense of place within physical landscapes and how this shapes us as humans. She is excited by improvisation, site-specific work, and projection technology. McCain’s recent work has been performed in Colorado, Philadelphia, New York City, and at the Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema and the World Dance Alliance Americas Assembly. She holds an MFA in Dance from the University of Colorado Boulder and a BA in Dance and Theatre from the University of Montana. McCain is an Associate Professor of Dance at Ursinus College.

--------------- Sunday 2:30pm - 4:00pm (Choose one) ---------------

DNA ARCHIVE – an artistic experience about time, migration and ancestry
with Cândida Borges

Looking back hundreds of generations, how would things sound as music? how would they move in space and time? Furthermore, how can the past anticipate the future and the future anticipate the past? In this compositional workshop, I invite you to investigate images, objects, movements and sounds that are stored in your DNA as your memories, impressions, forms, stories and intuitions. Let’s cross the boundaries of time (past, present and future) and of space (migrations) in your artistic practice and creations. This workshop is a call for identity and memory, that aims to produce material for future interdisciplinary compositions, performances and installations.

Cândida Borges (Brazil) is a transmedia artist, musician, educator and researcher based in NYC (US). Currently a Ph.D. Candidate at Plymouth University (UK) in Arts, she has been developing works on sound art and emerging technologies/new media. Her recent works have been published and presented internationally, to mention the Museum of the Moving Image (NYC/2020) and Digital Research in the Humanities and Arts (London/2019).



Zoom IN / Zoom OUT
with Krista DeNio
I know what you’re thinking….we have all Zoomed WAY TOO MUCH!! And you’re right. But—there are some pretty interesting things we can create in this medium. And these experiments, can be enlightening to our embodied practices as artists and help us fine tune certain details. Join this revolutionary moment with your own revolutionary acts. Explore things you have never dared to try before, and make a performance unlike anything you could have imagined. You can’t go wrong! In this workshop, we’ll be working (with scores, instructions, dares); playing (inside and outside); experimenting with all viewpoints; creating, reporting back, breaking out, doing it again and presenting….SOMETHING NEW (and if you want, something borrowed or blue…it’s all up to you).

Krista DeNio is an interdisciplinary choreographer, director, performer, writer and educator, based in the Bay Area, California. Artistic Director of KD>>Moving Ground, she is committed to developing new forms of performance work that engage interdisciplinary research, between theater, dance, anthropology, ecology, social services, community engagement and more. KDMG creates site-specific, audience-interactive performance experiences that live at the intersection of art, education, and advocacy. Her employment in social services, practices in the field as an artist and white person engaging anti-racism, necessarily demands a deep commitment toward undoing systemic oppression. Krista is a House Artist at CounterPulse, where she has been an Artist in Residence, and co-produced her work. As project director of EchoTheaterSuitcase project, she works with military veterans and civilian non-veteran theater artists to make original performance work resulting in audience-interactive, site-responsive experiences. Current work includes NETWORK, a project inspired by Tree communities and what human communities can learn from them, is a collaboration between artists, scientists, foresters, trees, land, designers and more; a site-specific experience premiering in Summer 2021.


Demystifying artistic residencies
with Arely Landeros and Martín Lanz
The purpose of this session it´s to open up a discussion about artist residencies, its different models, and approaches. What are they meant for?, Which network of relationships is created by hosts and guests? What does socioculturally emerge?  The discussion has 3 parts:
1- If what you want does not exist?... Laboratorio: Condensación a Case Study.
2- We live in a multiverse: Specific Programs
3- Do it yourself! (Practical exercise)


Arely and Martín have run Laboratorio: Condensación in México since 2013. We design the atmosphere for the creative process to occur and offer opportunities for the artists to promote their work with potential collaborators and venues on an international platform. As a result of this process, we consider ourselves as cultural ambassadors, promoting cultural exchange through our programs. We have represented more than 60 national and international artists and projects, opened two venues for residencies, and built a robust network of colleagues including public institutions, private organizations, and individuals in México and abroad.



Peter Sciscioli (facilitator) is a Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary performer, creator, educator, and producer whose work encompasses dance, music, theater, and film. Since 1997 he has been creating performance works through a choreographic lens with a wide variety of collaborators for concert, site-specific, and theater venues around the world. In 2008, he created Peter Sciscioli Performance Projects, and in 2012 founded the International Interdisciplinary Artists Consortium, a network of artists and producers working across disciplines and cultures. As a performer, he has worked extensively with Meredith Monk, Jane Comfort, and Daria Faïn, and appeared in work by Jonathan Bepler/Matthew Barney, Ping Chong, DD Dorvillier, Susan Marshall, and Philip Glass/Mary Zimmerman, among others. He has taught his approach to Voice as Movement in countries from Mexico to North Macedonia, co-initiated The Sounding Body workshop series at Movement Research (MR) in New York, and offers private lessons and coachings. Peter has been honored to receive support from MR’s Global Practice Sharing (GPS)  program to attend meetings with partners in Eastern Europe and the Caucuses, and to help bring several artists from the region to the U.S. to participate in IIAC and Moving Arts Lab at Earthdance.


photos © Anna M. Maynard