Earthdance Jam Guidelines

Earthdance Jam Guidelines

A living document, 2013

1. We strive to cultivate a focused environment in the jam.
Please keep social and casual conversation outside the dance space. Feel free to remind others of this when they want to talk with you.

2. Be mindful of the available space around you.
You may need to adjust your dance to be safe. Please move interactions beyond focused movement to the side of the room - the dance floor is a "no parking" zone.

3. You are responsible for your own physical safety on the dance floor.
CI can be a very physically demanding practice. You are interacting with dancers of varied skill, ability and experience. Be aware of what is comfortable for your body while you dance. Communicate that to your dance partners and be attentive to what your partner(s) are expressing.

4. Listen to and respect your own boundaries.
Contact Improvisation is outside of societal norms for touch. Everyone has the right to step out of an exercise at any time, and break off contact with any body at any time without having to give a reason for why. Listen to yourself as much as possible and respect your own feelings. In addition, listen to your partner’s verbally or non-verbally expressed boundaries.

5. The dance itself constantly changes and requires tuning in.
Observing the dance is a good way to participate in and support the space. It is also an excellent opportunity to learn. If you want to join a dance, watch and sense when or if there might be an opportunity to enter. You can always solo and switch partners as often as you wish. Remember, the floor is your first partner.

6. There is no one-way to do Contact.
Explore. Experiment. Enjoy.

You can always ask for help. We want to empower you to communicate clearly with your dance partners. If you would like help with setting boundaries or any other aspect of dancing in contact, talk to one of the facilitators of the jam or a trained staff member who are available for confidential communication about physical and emotional safety. 


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