Forces of Nature: A Six Viewpoints Performance Intensive

With Deborah Black & Sophia Treanor

May 15, 2020 - 5:00pm to May 19, 2020 - 3:00pm

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Currently we are facing a climate emergency. Many of us experience the effects of this subconsciously and through our bodies, in experiences that include anxiety, numbness, and despair. Many of us ask ourselves over and over what can be done. Taking inspiration from grassroots social justice movements, we will aim to listen to the way that the earth speaks for herself and offer our consciousness as an observer to the rich dialogue between the forces of nature that surround us. Perhaps we will learn something about the hierarchy we have created in relationship to the earth, and perhaps we will learn something about how to let that hierarchy rest, decompose into the humus.  Perhaps we will learn something about the body as an expression of the earth, and will find ourselves participating in the dialogue.

Originated by dancer/choreographer, Mary Overlie, The Six Viewpoints deconstruct the materials used in performance: space, time, shape, emotion, story, and movement, opening up their infinite possibilities. The study of the Viewpoints introduces performance makers to a clear vocabulary of materials to spark research or new perspective on their own work. 
Using the Viewpoints as a framework of discrete options for perceptual orientation, we will open our practice up from the studio and out into the natural world and ask the question: how does our perception of our environment alter our consciousness and actions? Your questions that arise from a deep listening to our surroundings in the Berkshire hills will become material for performance making. Your presence in front of an audience is a reciprocal invitation to come into feeling and connection with yourself and with all that surrounds us. You will become a participant with the forces of nature, an original anarchist.

This intensive weekend will include a brief introduction to the theoretical framework of the Viewpoints as well as a closer look at the materials through improvisation and experimentation. We welcome dancers, actors, singers, directors, choreographers, dramaturges, and designers of all disciplines to participate. No prior experience necessary.

Forces of Nature is followed immediately by Tree Land Sky: Site-Responsive Improvisation & Collaboration from May 21–25. These two workshops together create a dialogue for embodied creative practice that supports imagination and perception in unique performative ways. Experience an integration of these two approaches to performance across a full 8 day immersion. Sign up for both workshops and get 10% off!

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Deborah Black is a dancer, theatre maker, writer, and teacher. She has performed in the work of Deborah Hay, Mary Overlie, Susan Rethorst, and Ann Hamilton. While living in Rotterdam (NL) from 2013-16, she created and toured with the Tuning People (BE) and Ymist Company (NO). She is currently researching the space between the body and language with poet Alyson Hallett (UK) while writing her first book. Deborah has taught physical theatre and dance at the Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Tilburg (NL). She led guest and master classes at Goldsmith’s University London, NYU’s Experimental Theatre Wing, Drama Studio London, Ohio University, Skidmore College, Rowan University, James Madison University, University of South Florida, as well as workshops in New York City, all across Europe and online.



Sophia Treanor is a performer, director, educator, and Biodynamic Craniosacral practitioner. Her work has been seen at New York Live Arts, Living Theater, the Center for Performance Research, CAVE, the Glasshouse, Triskelion Arts, and Dixon Place. Treanor has been apprentice to Viewpoints founder Mary Overlie since 2013, and served as a primary reader for the Viewpoints book, "Standing in Space.”  Treanor teaches the Viewpoints in New York and has assisted Overlie’s workshops in Switzerland, England, Spain, the Netherlands, and Austria. Most recently, she produced, assistant directed, and performed in Overlie’s "Brain to Brain" at Danspace Project. She is on faculty at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting and practices Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy in New York City.

photos © Anna M. Maynard and Mary Overlie (bottom)


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