ON PAUSE for Rescheduling in 2023 – Planet JWOW Intrommersion Weekend at Earthdance

***At this time, we are rescheduling this epic offering from JWOW and Penny for a later date in 2023. Keep watch for future dates! ***

In this event, you’ll work directly with JWoW. to uplevel your ability to adapt to circumstances AND approach personal and environmental safety in an inclusionary and empowering way.  

DAY 1:  Pajama Jammy Jam through PLANET JWoW’s Temple of the Dancing Roots: People Gather in their Jammies to dance, CANnect, and donate. Bring your favorite jammies and as many non-perishable food item(s) as you can carry, and let’s rock out as the cans roll in for local families experiencing food-scarcity.

DAY 2:  Introductions to C.H.A.N.G.E. MatrixFor Beings Who Want Less Stress: Compost stressors into strengths that fuel a joyful resilience. Learn to adapt with greater ease — to dance with the rhythms of life – and to
respond with mindful intention to surprises when faced with safety and/or danger.

DAY 3:  Introductions to Being and Feeling SafeFor Beings in Tribalized Movement Cultures:
We’ll explore multiple ways to notice where safety can be lost; where danger can be mitigated; and what you can do to effectively support official procedures and policies, anywhere.

DAY 4:  Introductions to Being and Feeling SafeFor Gathering / Summit / Conference Organizers and Tribal Leaders: We’ll address shared concerns applicable across diverse gatherings in mainstream, marginalized, mountain/movement, and majickal communities. We’ll explore pillars and nuances of creating safer containers so that participants can more fully ease into experiences we’re all offering.

Planet JWOW Intrommersion Weekend PDF

*If you have attended a Touch & Play MA event, be sure to enjoy your Planet JWOW “Cherish Pricing” for attending this event.

Additionally, Planet JWOW is delighted to coordinate the following bonus invitations from Temple of the Dancing Roots exclusively for our Intrommersion Weekend participants:

THURSDAY NIGHT: Pajama Jammy Jam 7:30-11pm

A FansWithCans FunRaiser. Bring your favorite jammies and as many non-perishable
food item(s) as you can carry, and let’s rock out as the cans roll in for local families
experiencing food-scarcity. The community is invited to bring non-perishable food item(s) to be collected throughout our weekend together

FRIDAY NIGHT: PolyLongevity Q&A with Penny and JWoW. 7-9 pm

What gets to sustain a deeply loving polyamorous relationship over 31+ years? 

SATURDAY NIGHT: Dance Your Empower-MEANT 9-11 pm

Practice moving freely,  safely rooted in your power to influence worlds within and around you.  


Penelope Olson

Penelope is a transformational consultant who helps people bring more awareness, alignment, and joy into their lives. She is a Certified Stress Management Consultant, has a Masters of Education in Counseling Psychology, and is the creator of The CHANGE Matrix System which helps folks find ways to compost their stress into strength. She loves to work with people who are ready to cultivate more engagement, flexibility, and fun in their lives.


With a fiery passion that surges through every heart-opening note, turn of phrase, and stroke of her/their paintbrush, JWoW. generates empowering music, soul mojucines, and business clarity that make a difference in multiple realms.

  • As a multi-instrumentalist, she/they have sung with Grammy winners such as Roberta Flack and Michael Mangini.  They’re a featured and solo artist on Shawna Carol’s internationally popular, Grammy-Candidate CD, Goddess Chant.  She/they also recorded CDs — Sketches and Breathe — of her/their original music.
  • As a consultant and speaker, her/their engagements range from tech trainings for the Pentagon; to inspiring speeches for community service students; to immersion classes for authors and entrepreneurs.
  • As a multi-media fine artist, JWoW.‘s stunning pieces are displayed in the homes of private collectors and have been sold by top American art and craft galleries.
  • As a shaman and author, she/they have been a contributor in multiple international best-selling books .
  • As a philanthropist, JWoW. founded the grassroots food abundance organization, Fans With Cans, which has fed over 170,000 families.

This drive toward conscious freedom is part of why JWoW.‘s life inspires others to define and design freedom for themselves.  It’s also woven into the foundation of Planet JWOW‘s cultural bridging teachings — the Global Culture and Languaging of Inclusion and Empower-meant — which focus on evolving intersectional divisiveness into diversiveness.

Ultimately, it’s JWoW’s love for living life out loud that consistently inspires those who engage with her to live life by her credo, “Everyday people making a difference – EVERY DAY.”

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