E|MERGE Statement of Intent

E|MERGE and Earthdance recognize that we—all of us—exist within interlocking forces of oppression (racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, settler privilege, species privilege, to name a few), and that these forces of oppression are often internalized. By gathering in intentional space to push the boundaries of collaborative creative process, we acknowledge the risk, vulnerability, and inherent complexity involved. We invite participants to enter the residency with curiosity, reflectiveness, and care to allow differences to rise to the surface without causing harm to those individuals most frequently marginalized by society. We ask participants to come with some level of prior awareness/understanding of both the ways they carry privilege and the ways they carry oppression in the world—and to exercise extreme self-care and care for the group as differences in power and privilege emerge. During the two-week residency, we strive to name these differencess without ostracizing, villainizing, or injuring, but as a way of celebrating and investigating towards the end of greater equity and inclusion. Earthdance and E|MERGE provide as safe a container as possible for this vulnerable work; and are committed to ongoing learning about identity-based privileges, marginalization, inherent power dynamics, and how to be a more inclusive, equitable space. If you have questions about the residency, Earthdance's commitment to inclusivity, or about provisions for accessibility, please email: contact@earthdance.net.