Earthdance LIVE with Paul Singh

May 24, 2020 -
7:00pm to 8:30pm

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The Soothing Sunday Movement Session 

Alright everyone. We’re living in two kinds of realities right now: either we are hiding as best we can, trying to breath through this low grade itchiness that is part-and-parcel to our daily lives (which I am saying loud and proud is where I am); or we are making schedules, out walking walks, taking care of the kids, baking all the things, and pushing our way through to the other side of...something. 

Wait. I take that back—what a binary way to see things! There’s so much more to us that can draw from both of those places to create a new little world of self-care and joy, even in a time of uncertainty. I mean c’mon...who handles uncertainty better than artists and improvisors? 

I would like to spend our time together giving courage to those who can’t easily find their ways into movement and connection, and offering a place of rest and relief for those who aren’t given a choice to do anything but continue barreling through. 

I’ll do my best to take us through a solo practice together:
Offerings of How to move in and out of bed/up and off the floor
Bathing Rituals using arms and breath to wash the frustrations off
Time to use the body to Follow and Find
Use of some Mind Mess to create some Mindfullness
An Open Space to ignore all my suggestions and just enjoy an hour of company 

We are children worried about our parents. We are parents trying to care for and provide safe spaces for our kids. We are friends trying to redefine what relationship means. We are artists that have to look at an unfamiliar world. And we are movers that can’t touch each other. But, we are still sharers in the same world, so let’s start there and let the rest fall into place. 

Much care and with hopes of seeing you there.
— Paul

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Earthdance LIVE: Virtual Sunday Class & Talkback takes the video class necessity emerging out of these times to a new level...Earthdance style! Prepare yourself for a whole new somatic experience – virtual dance improvisation facilitated by renowned teachers from all over the world. Join our faculty of teachers, performers, and somatic practitioners as they guide us in exercises intended to expand our experiential palettes from the comfort of our living rooms.
Earthdance LIVE features a class from 7–8pm followed by a talkback / potluck with the teacher from 8–8:30pm, where people are invited to gather in the “Earthdance kitchen” for a simulated potluck in the classic tradition we all have learned to love. We encourage you to prep your meal in advance of the class, then enjoy your food around a virtual table!

Zoom Guidelines:
– Please arrive at least 10min before 7pm and use your FULL NAME so we can admit you.
– Please keep your VIDEO ON (if your data allows). If you wish to dance unseen, simply move off camera.

This event will be recorded (speaker view only, not grid view) and published on YouTube. If you do not wish to be part of the recording, please keep yourself muted during the Talkback.
As an internationally renowned center for dance, we strive to be on the leading edge of how to stay committed to our embodied experience and practice. As you can imagine, Earthdance is facing a lot of financial uncertainty as a result of COVID-19. We are offering Earthdance LIVE as a donation-based class with the intention of providing a space for all to come together as a community, regardless of financial ability. We ask that those who are able help keep Earthdance going during this tumultuous time by donating generously as part of our COVID-19 Appeal. Suggested donation: $5–$500.

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If you have questions about how to install Zoom on your device, please email or call (413) 634-5678.

A bio for a pandemic:
Paul Singh has been dancing for a long time. He has a degree from a university in dance. He has danced professionally on concert stages for many choreographers in many venues in many countries. He also believes in contact improvisation deeply and so has sought out skill and connection until becoming a good teacher, a better advocate, and a great student again. He invests in the simultaneity of his desire to know and unknow so that he can empathize with every given moment. It’s not easy, but it’s where he wants to be. And he is still deeply mourning the loss of skin and space. Each day is a new set of feelings: pleasure in the time and freedom to slow down because the earth has had enough, guilt in the thought of not keeping a dancing practice/schedule/job, love for his family, admiration for humans doing the good work, fear that touch may be policed for far too long, etc. But he has hope. He is making a comeback. And he is grateful for you.

photos © (top) David Gonsier, featuring Jack Blackmon; (bottom) Ben Harley, featuring Carly Czach