Cellular Unwind of Racism

A two-day anti-racism somatic workshop for White people, facilitated with experimental curiosity towards unwinding racism held in our bodies. 

January 23, 2021 - 12:00pm to February 20, 2021 - 6:00pm

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This two day somatic anti-racism workshop creates a safe space to continue the life work of unwinding the imprint of  race and racism in our tissues.  Every piece of information we have taken in has been through our physical, emotional, visual, and conceptual pathways, often unconsciously. This work recognizes the depth of the de-colonizing project, that it cannot be done quickly, that it is life work, and that the work involves engagement with intellect, heart, and tissues. In this double Saturday workshop, Lani Naheli will facilitate, with great humility! Co-facilitator, Daniel Kinsey.

  • Process time to be with the unwinding process, sometimes alone, sometimes with others as witness and support
  • Engagement with sensations, emotions, our intellect and their interdependence
  • Writing, stories, lectures, visual materials, significant historical materials and internal sources to guide and inform
* This is an in-person gathering at Earthdance. Limit is 10 people
January 23 & February 20th
12:00pm - 6:00pm each day
With a Reparations lens, those participants who can are encouraged to make a donation to Earthdance's Racial Justice Fund by making a donation during the registration process (please note: we cannot currently change the text on our registration page, which states that donations "will  support Earthdance’s scholarship and work study program", but donations made for this workshop will be tracked and allocated to our Racial Justice Fund).

Daniel Kinsey brings his life experience, and the intent of an open body curious mind -to this time we now share- of new truth telling and justice longing-feeling consistently called to presence, and  answering the call by fits and starts. He has been a tutor of writing, is a social worker, an activist, a writer dancer meditator hermetic philosopher and a theatre person, a religion major a musician dabbler -he leads despair and empowerment workshops, a peace corps volunteer from Togo west Africa, a walker on the interfaith pilgrimage of the middle passage, ancestors of Congregationalist clergy and Quakers, and initiated into the wilderness when 11 on a Vermont hillside. He is excited to join in this exploration in turning back to what is unknown, and ever near, to search for surprising common ground.

Lani Nahele comes to this offering from a stance of exploration and understanding that unwinding both the conscious as well as the unconscious imprints of racism in our nervous systems will be necessary and essential in healing and anti-racism activism. With a life-long interest in how the body and psyche interweave, she danced in the Trisha Brown Dance Company, is a somatic bodyworker as a Practitioner of Body-Mind Centering, is a decades-long improvisor, and is a facilitator/educator as a Professor at Springfield College, in her private practice - BodySoulMoving and through her studio in Florence Ma - Studio rEvolution.