Celebrating CI50

A Contact Improv dance retreat at Earthdance celebrating the 50th anniversary of Contact Improvisation

July 7, 2022 - 4:00pm to July 10, 2022 - 3:00pm

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Didn’t manage to register for Critical Mass: CI@50 in the two hours before it sold out? Or just looking to celebrate CI’s anniversary closer to home? Join us!

  • Jams, Classes and an Underscore
  • Community Offerings
  • Community Discussion, Discussion panel, Sharing Circles
  • Screenings, Media


We will be honoring the 50 year history of the Contact Improvisation practice and community, celebrating what CI is in our lives today, and imagining what CI can be in the future through dancing, discussion and presentations.

Featuring classes by Alyssa Lynes, Funda Gul, Jen Hyde, Liana Foxvog, Christine Cole and Jason Woofenden.

We will have an Underscore Practice: The Underscore is a long-form dance improvisation structure designed by Nancy Stark Smith (a key founder of Contact Improvisation).  It is practiced all over the world and evolving since the 1990s.  Please note that it is required that you have been to a talk-through prior to participating.  We recommend that you attend this full Zoom talk-through on June 18th 10:00-12:00am EST preparing folx for The Global Underscore.  Click here to register for the full talk-through.  There will be an abridged version onsite for those who would like to participate in the underscore and haven’t yet attended a talk-through.

Bring your curiosity, thoughts, skills and creativity. Let’s share!

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Funda Gul

Funda has studied various movement disciplines beginning with Aikido in 2005 eventually earning her Black Belt. In her movement journey, Funda became a certified instructor-in-training in Systema and completed 500-hour teacher training in Krishnamacharya lineage of Yoga. Funda has also been studying and teaching Contact Improvisation, and facilitating jams since 2016.
Her training in Yoga and Martial Arts allows her to easily individualize the practice at hand according to students’ needs and abilities. This approach helps Funda create an all-inclusive space for practicing movement. Also, her main inspiration for movement follows the idea of “Function creates the form,” the idea that she has discovered during her martial arts and yoga training. Funda has hosted Contact Improv workshops with experienced dancers such as Cecilia Fontanesi, Elise Knudson, Hazal Kaya, and Bill Young and co-facilitated seasonal jams including Spring jam at Earthdance and March Jam at the Field Center this year. She has recently hosted the May jam workshop with Gabrielle Revlock for fabulous Boston CI community. In addition to being a talented mover, Funda also holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Stevens Institute of Technology.


Alyssa Lynes

Alyssa Lynes is a dancer, teacher and life coach. She earned her BA in Contemporary Dance and her MS in education (NYC). In 2010, inspired by her training with Nancy Stark Smith, she set off for Europe to dance.  While there for 8 years, she co-directed the first documentary film on the form titled: Five Ways In and has been honored to share the film and teach CI in more than 16 countries over the last 10 years.  She published the article: “Awareness, Engagement, and Resilience” in Contact Quarterly online. Her chapters on polyamory, long distance relationships, uncoupling, and finding a partner were recently published in the book: Getting Along: Skills for Life-Long Love.  She assists Zahava Griss in their leadership and movement programs. In Alyssa’s work as a life coach she supports creatives to put their visions into action and lovers to show up to their relationships with a sweet sense of contribution. www.alyssalynes.com.  Alyssa is most recently settled near Earthdance and is a loving partner & proud mother of a dog and baby.  She is excited to celebrate Contact Improvisation’s 50 years at Earthdance this summer.

 Jen Hyde

Leave Your Ego at The Door and Awaken your Innate Sense of Play: Inspired by The Fool, the Clown, the beautiful little voice of the body, we will practice dynamic presence, listen generously to our animal bodies, bask in the pleasure of curiosity and play, and indulge in absurdity in order to bring our bodies beyond the exploration of physics and into the world of delight.


Robyn O’Brien

Robyn has been dancing on the edges of CI for twenty years.  She is an enthusiastic participant in both the form and the community she found there.
Supporting community is Robyn’s gift, something she has practiced as a parent, birth doula and food co-op manager all her adult life. She brings that passion to her new position of manager of Nine Mountain Retreats, just a stone’s throw from Earthdance.  She is thrilled to be part of the re-emergence score happening there.  Robyn has studied CI through workshops and classes with many different teachers, and values deeply the lessons learned and curiosities piqued along the way.  Her role for this jam is helping to support the planning, the process, and the people who make it happen.


Jason Woofenden

Jason has been exploring Contact Improv for almost 20 years, and teaching it for 5. Jason loves to play, teach, discuss and learn through the many aspects of ourselves that come to the fore through Contact Improv. He has a knack for finding and articulating the fundamentals and building blocks to lead students gracefully into tricky new skills. His sensitivity to the vulnerability of trying something new and his enthusiasm for exploring the form set a beautiful tone for the room.



Arrival, Check In, and Opening Circle:

  • This event is a closed container and there are no commuter options.
  • Participants need to arrive between 4:00pm and 7:00pm on Thursday (the first day of the event) or Friday morning between 8am-930am. These are the only 2 arrival times available for the full event. (Please see below for coming for Saturday July 9th ONLY)
  • Check-In, Welcoming and COVID Rapid testing will be at the Gratitude Lodge (AKA: The Dorm) from 4:00pm-7:00pm on Thursday and again from 8:00-9:30am on Friday.
  • Opening Circle will be at 10:00am on Friday. We ask that all participants attend Opening Circle. 
  • You will need to wear your mask upon arrival and until you test negative on site.


Our Fees Explained

Earthdance offers a wide range of sliding scale for participation in this event, please take a moment to reflect as you decide on where you best fit. 

Your level of contribution is self selected and does not need to be advocated for. However we invite you to remember this contribution is currency and we ask that you stretch where you are able so that those who cannot stretch as far of a financial distance may also have potential access to community events. As you choose your rate please consider the following factors:

  • Your access to income and wealth, as connected to family and partnership, both currently and anticipated in the future.
  • The historical, systemic impacts of wealth accrual based on culture, race and other intersection marginalizations for you and your family.
  • The regional ease of your attendance, while some community members can drive to Earthdance, others will need to consider tuition based on their ability to travel longer distances. 
  • Earthdance is a community and rental funded organization which recently, historically and uniquely through the Covid-19 pandemic has struggled to have viable income.


Sliding Scale*: 

Tier One: $550
Tier Two: $400
Tier Three: $325
Tier Four: $275
Tier Five: $235

Young People:
Age: 0-4 yrs: FREE
Age: 4-15: $240 | $190 | $140

*To help you decide which "Tier" you currently fit in,  to view more details  on the sliding scale view here.

Limited financial assistance imay be possible for people needing support at this time. If you have any questions or concerns about cost, or if you cannot issue payment by credit card and need to pay by check or some other means, please email contact@earthdance.net.


Registration Link Below!


Accomodation Options

Earthdance Dormitory: The Gratitude Lodge (a.k.a. the Earthdance dorm) is Earthdance's main lodging facility, connected to the Farmhouse by a short wooded trail. The Gratitude Lodge includes an assortment of large and small rooms featuring dormitory-style bunks and beds (twin & queen size) and is included in the base Jam cost. Beds are available on a first come basis. 

Camping: Bring a tent and enjoy the outdoors

*There is no commuter option for this event.

An addition to the “Accommodation Options” above:

If you’d like to stay at Nine Mountain (for a private, semi private or shared room) contact them directly (robyn@ninemountain.com) to make arrangements, and feel free to choose a lower payment tier to offset the cost.

Cancellation Policy

Refund available up to 14 days before the event less a $75 processing fee
Note: If testing positive for COVID upon arrival, a full refund will be provided. If testing positive for COVID part way through the event and needing to leave, a proportional refund will be provided. 


Participant Community Support
As Earthdance Jams run as a​ community, all participants contribute to 2 work shifts (typically meal prep & cleans) and chores throughout the jam & workshop and will participate in a final house clean on the final day of the event. These are great ways to connect more with your fellow participants and Earthdance staff, and to feel more at home here. Your contributions to this collective caring of this space are invaluable!

Earthdance's Jam Guidelines
The Jam Guidelines have recently been updated! Please take the time to review them ahead of the event and we will engage with them together. 

Earthdance's Nudity Policy

Earthdance's buildings are ADA accessible. More info here.

Please note the following:

  • This event is a closed container and there are no commuter options
  • All participants attending the Full Event will need to arrive during either of the specified arrival times, 4-7pm on Thursday OR 8-9:30am on Friday
  • The event is open to BOTH unvaccinated and vaccinated people
  • Please understand that Earthdance cannot assist in transportation needs or requests of any kind
  • There is an option to attend just Saturday July 9th for the Day Only with the arrival window between 8am-10am (see below)


**Please know there are several steps to the registration process**
You will first be asked to complete a google form, and you will then continue to the link for registration & payment.


Registration for the Full Event is closed


To register for Saturday July 9th ONLY (arrival is 8am-10am for check in and COVID testing and the suggested donation is $75-150.)


This structure is subject to change in advance and during the event, depending on how conditions unfold.