Earthdance Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policy applies to all workshops and seasonal jams offered through our annual calendar.

Cancellation 4 weeks* or more before the start of the workshop or jam, Earthdance will refund deposit money in full.*

Within 4 weeks of a workshop or jam, Earthdance will keep the full deposit.
(Under extenuating circumstances, 50% of the deposit can be refunded or moved towards payment for a future event).

Please note that you are not fully registered until we receive your deposit fee online or by check.

*If you pay online through PayPal and request a refund more than 60 days after your payment, you will lose at least 3-4% in non-refundable PayPal fees.

Note: We have recently shifted our cancellation policy. This is because we need to make decisions to ensure that we can run an event 4 weeks in advance of that event. For questions or concerns, please contact the Office Manager at