Transnational Dance Immersion with Donna Mejia

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"Dancers have a crucial contribution to make - one that extends way beyond pretty shapes and entertainment. We hold the archive of human meaning in our very bones. We are moving libraries. We help people perceive the body, the world, differently, long enough to seed new possibilities."

For those unafraid of new possibilities in human expression, this workshop zooms in on various dance genres to excavate the most efficient tools for unleashing body intelligence. Through her own multi-heritage background and 30 years of study, Donna has galvanized a personal practice that defies categorization but aesthetically highlights common denominators between North African/Arab rural dances, Yoga, Ballet, American hip hop, and Brazilian Silvestre Contemporary technique. This 3-day workshop includes inventive fusion, hardcore rhythms, precision hip work, athletic challenges, and the best music in the universe. An adventurous sense of humor is required!

Join Donna in this 3rd annual fundraiser to raise spirits in support of Earthdance!
Thanks to Donna's generosity, all proceeds directly benefit Earthdance and Earthdance's extended global community.

Thursday October 16, 5pm through Sunday October 19, 3pm
Workshop fees are tiered for accessibility: student/retiree, regular, professional
(includes tuition, room & board)

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