Political Movement

with Morgan FitzPatrick Andrews, Jolyn Hope Arisman, Nicole Bindler, Paloma Irizarry, Andrew Suseno, and Taja Will

October 25, 2018 - 5:00pm to October 28, 2018 - 3:00pm

Proceeds support Earthdance’s racial justice initiatives

Join Political Movement teachers for a weekend of jams, discussions, and classes in Contact Improvisation, Body-Mind Centering®, Theatre of the Oppressed, Parcon, Witchcraft: A Corporeal Practice, and more!

Deepen your capacity for renewal and restoration. Learn skills to shift power and intervene in the status quo through embodied practices. 

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Class Descriptions & Teacher Bios

Theatre of the Oppressed
with Morgan FitzPatrick Andrews & Paloma Irizarry

Morgan and Paloma have been leading the Unpacking Race curriculum for a few years based on techniques for TO. They are tailoring this workshop to offer insights into this pedagogy and tools to help us better understand where each of us is coming from, while unpacking what race and racism look like in the US and on the global stage. We hope to build with an eye towards intersectionality of other identity and social factors such as: age, class, dis/ability, faith, gender, sexuality, etc.

Morgan ​FitzPatrick ​Andrews helped found Philadelphia Theatre of the Oppressed in 2008 with training from TOPLAB in New York, with Jana Sanskriti in India, and with T.O.'s late founder Augusto Boal. He's since worked for LGBT youth in Philly, activists in Brazil, German citizens doing holocaust reconciliation work, and with the general public. Morgan also teaches yoga at Studio 34 and performs a solo show called CONES about dis/ability and passing. He holds an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts from Goddard College.

Paloma Irizarry is a Philly-based theatre artist whose work invites audiences to explore the elements of her identity that confound her the most. Recent performances include “I See You See Me” a solo piece looking at the relationship between objectification and sexual empowerment, MJ Kaufman’s premiere of “Destiny Estimate” and La Fabrica’s “Azul”. Her TO journey began in 2015 with a Blind Games workshop. Since then, she has co-facilitated and co-created several workshops including “Unpacking Race” and “Borderlands: Boundaries and Intersections”.

Identity, Relationship, and Belonging
with Jolyn Hope Arisman

This workshop addresses how we bring our identity into spaces and relationships through somatic explorations, contact improvisation, storytelling and witnessing. We will consider what identity actually is––how it serves us, and how it hinders our connections with others. We will collectively consider our singular and collective roles in creating our community, and explore ways to actively pursue a felt sense of belonging thereby rewriting our own cultural norms through physical gesture, song, and symbolic acts to foster radical inclusion.

Jolyn Hope Arisman
, MFA finds ways in which movement and our relationship to our bodies can be personally transformational, and stimulate connection and collaboration within our communities. As a mixed race woman, issues of race, oppression, and belonging have been foundational since her birth when she was adopted into a German/Irish family. A lifelong student of the embodied arts: Jolyn has studied Body Mind Centering, Contact Improvisation, Meditation, and nutritious movement of all types. She holds a Bachelors in Science from Cornell University in City and Regional Planning. She completed her MFA in Dance at Smith College, and has since taught dance at Smith College, Amherst College, Maine College of Art, and the University of Maine. She danced professionally with Esduardo Mariscal Dance Theater, and performed her own choreography throughout the east coast. As co-founder and facilitator of Bared Soles, a regular improvisational dance series in New York, she led creative workshops designed for movers of all kinds and abilities.

Clitoral Embodiment
The embryology of the genitalia from a non-binary perspective

with Nicole Bindler

The embryology of the genitalia represents an unexplored frontier in Body-Mind Centering® (BMC®). Unlike its embryological corollary, the penis, the clitoris is absent from most illustrated anatomy texts. Clitoral Embodiment remedies the inattention paid to female and non-binary genital development by presenting a framework for embodying multiple potentials for sex and gender expressions through imagery, movement and embryological study, with an emphasis on invagination over penetration. Standing at the intersection of somatics, embryology and gender/sexuality studies, Clitoral Embodiment uses BMC embodied anatomy through guided solo somatic movement and dance improvisation to explore an underlying biological explanation for sex and gender fluidity. People of all genders are welcome, and all explorations in this workshop will be practiced fully clothed.

Nicole Bindler
's performance work and teaching have been presented throughout Europe, North America, Argentina, and in Tokyo, Beirut, Bethlehem, and Quito. Her dances have been supported by the Pew Center for Arts and Heritage, Leeway Foundation, Puffin Foundation, Foundation for Contemporary Arts, Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, and the Ellen Forman Memorial Award. Bindler holds a BA in Dance and Poetry from Hampshire College, a degree in Muscular Therapy from the Muscular Therapy Institute, and is a Practitioner of Body-Mind Centering®. She has taught Somatics and Improvisation at Temple University, University of the Arts, and the University of Pennsylvania. Her writing has been published in Critical Correspondence, Contact Quarterly, Emergency Index by Ugly Duckling Presse, Jewish Currents, BMC® Currents, Curate This, Journal of Dance & Somatic Practices, and thINKingDANCE. Bindler is a member of the Jewish Voice for Peace Artist Council and is the Founder and Director of The Institute for Somatics and Social Justice.

(Photo credit: Kenzie Green)

Parcon Resilience
Site-specific leanings into Intersections of Race and Ecology

with Andrew Suseno​

Our bodies and movement, as well as the spaces we occupy, are political. Parcon is a site-specific contact dance form made by and for people of color, intersecting marginalized identities and their allies. We use touch, shared momentum and anti-oppressive practice to challenge and transform the status quo. The two main movement forms to inspire Parcon are Parkour–an urban obstacle course running form that prioritizes flow and efficiency and Contact Improvisation–our leaning empathetic dialogue that we share on the dance floor. In this workshop we will play outside to explore the intersections between race and ecology through the practice of Parcon and collective reflection. No experience is needed!

Andrew Suseno DPT, COMPT, CLMA, and Feldenkrais Practitioner (2018) fosters community and wellness. Since receiving his degree in 2011 from NYU, Andrew has dedicated himself to the dual study of Orthopedic Manual Therapy through the North American Institute of Orthopedic Manual Therapy and neurological approaches through his neurological and pediatric PT practice and extensive somatic work. Andrew is passionate about exploring movement, meaning making, and community. He received his BA in Dance from Wesleyan University, Certificate in Laban Movement Analysis from the University of Utah and will complete his certificate in Feldenkrais in 2018. He danced professionally in New York, Baltimore and Germany through work often exploring issues of identity using a somatics approach(mind/body). He is actively creating a contact movement form called Parcon (www.parconnyc.com) that centers somatics around the experience and social issues of marginalized people: namely, people of color, youth and people with disabilities.

Contact Improvisation // Radical Humanitarianism
with Taja Will

Accountability in connection,
Bodies as protest,
Attention as magic,
Rigor as necessity.

Folks with marginalized identities are somatically and psychically guarded, from generations past and a lifetime of systemic oppression; it is in the body and it will enter the dance.

This class is a mutation of contact improvisation; my practice of CI is interested in the potential range of intimacy through limbic and energetic chemistry. This lens pushes us beyond the foundations of technique, it is inclusive to the histories that live in the room and in our DNA. We’ll practice our instincts around attraction and repulsion regarding the power dynamics in space. Together we can attempt to reclaim discernment within the practice and have deeper potential for listening, relating and being accountable within our dances. I believe as we have greater access to one’s own agency we build safe space within our practice and this brings healing and liberation.

Choreographer, performer and educator Taja Will is a queer, Latina transracial adoptee. Her body of work includes multi-dimensional contemporary performance and holistic therapy. These two parallel worlds come together in her artistic work through modalities of somatic movement, structured improvisation, rigor and magic. Will’s aesthetic is one of spontaneity, bold choice making, sonic and kinetic partnership and the ability to move in relationship to risk and intimacy.  Her practice and performance works are deeply rooted in exploring a visceral connection to current socio-cultural realities.



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