Spring Work Weekend & Annual Gathering/Celebration 2018 (FREE)

Co-hosted by Earthdance and Nine Mountain Retreats!*

May 11, 2018 - 5:00pm to May 13, 2018 - 3:00pm

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We invite you to join us as we garden & build, eat & rejoice, dance & play during our annual Spring Work Weekend! Come for one day or for the whole time. Stay, eat, and dance for FREE for your labor of love!

This year we are combining forces with Nine Mountain Retreats (our close neighbor) to co-host this weekend of community work & play. This is a special opportunity to cross-pollinate and build our network of community support!

Also join us for our Annual Gathering on Saturday, 4:30 - 6pm, where you'll meet new Earthdance staff members and hear more about Earthdance's current activities as we engage in open dialogue about the months & years to come. This will be followed by an evening of celebration and dancing!

Special Note! We will have a ‘Walk of The Land’ to conclude our Annual Gathering from 5:30 - 6pm on Saturday, as a way to share history, our current renovation needs, and some well-deserved gratitude to the folks who built & continue to hold space for Earthdance to THRIVE. This will kick off our evening of celebration, appreciation, and dancing!

*This year, we have shifted the structure of our typical Annual Meeting so that it can be more of a time to gather, engage deeply, and celebrate together. 

More details coming soon.

Housing & Food 
(all housing is FREE for your labor of love)

Staying at Earthdance? (dorms or tenting)

- We recommend bringing your own towels & sheets (available to rent)
- All meals are provided. We encourage folks to bring snacks to share!

Staying at Nine Mountain?*
- Be sure to choose the Nine Mountain lodging option on the RSVP form
- Bring your own towels & sheets
- Please bring your own food to cook at Nine Mountain (there will be opportunities for you to join an Earthdance meal or two, but you will largely be responsible for your own meals.)

*Nine Mountain is just across the lawn from Earthdance



Schedule: (subject to change & improvisation)

Friday, 11th
5pm on Arrival
6 - 7pm Dinner | 6:30 - 8pm Dinner clean
8pm Open space (dancing/jamming, sauna, music making, etc.)

Saturday, 12th
8 - 9am Breakfast | 8:30 - 10am Breakfast clean
10am Opening gathering (distribute work tasks & projects)
10 - 1pm Work parties
1 - 2pm Lunch | 1:30 - 3pm Lunch clean
3 - 6pm Work parties
4:30 - 6pm Earthdance's Annual Gathering & Walk of the Land!
6 - 7pm Dinner | 6:30 - 8pm Dinner clean
8pm Open celebration space (dancing/jamming, sauna, music making, etc.)

Sunday, 13th
8 - 9am Breakfast | 8:30 - 10am Breakfast clean
10am Opening gathering (distribute work tasks & projects)
10 - 1pm Work parties
1 - 2pm Lunch | 1:30 - 3pm Lunch clean
3pm on Departures

Note: Work Weekend will be followed by a Community Sing 5 - 6:30pm with founder Penny Schultz ($5 - $15) and our 2nd Sunday Music & Movement Jam with Jen Gelineau

Work weekend participants are welcome to stay overnight Sunday to continue helping with unfinished projects, as needed! If interested, please contact Niri at contact@earthdance.net.

Items to bring! (be sure to label any personal work tools with your name)

Personal Items:

Rain gear and boots
Work gloves (gardening and/or construction)
Eye protection
Water bottle for drinking water
Bug Spray/Tick repellant
Love and bliss!

Garden/Work Items: (we welcome you to bring any of these you have!)

Garden rakes
Leaf rakes
Hand tools (spades, trowels)
Spade Shovels
Rooting Growth Hormone
Unique Edible Plants
Spare Garden Starts
Potting Soil
Aged compost/manure
Chainsaws and associated supplies
Trucks/ATV's for hauling wood/materials
Splitting tools
Cordless drills
Cordless saws/sawsalls
Pruning tools
Arborist tools
Drywall finishing tools 
Demolition tools for tent platforms (prybars etc)
Roofing tools for removing shingles and rotten board and installing metal roofing panels
Insulation blower and tools (powered staple guns etc...)
Long extension chord
Step ladders

And check out our wishlist for items you can bring to donate (tax-deductable)!

(Photo credit: Kate Blair)