Potency Through Uncertainty: A Feldenkrais® Workshop

with Fritha Pengelly and Sarah Young

November 19, 2016 -
10:00am to 5:30pm

This workshop will explore the ways in which as we learn and experiment we develop stable patterns of behavior based on our engagement with the environment. These patterns of being in the world allow us to function successfully, and, in turn, our patterns and habits shape our experiences.

While habits serve important functions, we can also get stuck in these learned behaviors that limit further growth and potential. Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement lessons provide opportunities to move beyond one’s own habits and to discover new possibilities for movement and choice, creating more potency within oneself. This workshop will provide an opportunity to explore the unknown and to experience variation and diversity in movement, so as to develop new potential within oneself. No previous experience necessary. 

Photo by Aurore Biry

Tuition (tiered for accessibility)
Professional: $85
Full:                $75
Subsidized:   $65

Overnight Stay (Saturday night, includes self-serve dinner & breakfast)
Earthdance Dorm: $30
Camping: $25



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