Community Open Forum with Carol Swann

November 2, 2014 -
2:30pm to 6:30pm

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This forum is open to everyone, including neighbors and friends of Earthdance to delve into the multilayered circles of community. The theme for this Forum is “Who’s in and Who’s Out,” which begins with a chosen focus of this theme from the group and then unfolds into the deeper complexities which inherently includes many topics. Often the tensions that are affecting a community are either too taboo for people to notice (like class, economic difference, race, ablism, age etc.), too scary to name, or are without the skills to facilitate them.


Through the Process Work perspective we will apply Arnold Mindell's Deep Democracy tools to engage dynamically with polarities, inner/outer conflict, and unfold the potency and wisdom within those tensions. As a community we will practice interacting without marginalizing parts of ourselves and others, paying attention to everything that is in them, which is also in me. We will learn tools such as; embodied role switching, ghost roles, hot spots, warm spots, de-escalations signals etc., deepening our awareness of ourselves, our relationships, our community AND the world. 


Note: People who have participated in the Sat. and Sun. workshop on “Rank and Privilege” with Carol will be an integrated support and fully joining those that are coming to the Community Forum in the afternoon. A short debrief for those from the workshop or ANYONE interested in staying until 6:30 will continue after the 6:00pm closing. 

$20-$30 sliding scale