Ways of Seeing: Improvisation & Performance with Kirstie Simson

September 18, 2014 - 5:00pm to September 21, 2014 - 3:00pm

"Kirstie Simson is celebrated for exquisite, sensuous dancing that seems to come from some simple force of nature" (New York Times)

Renowned teacher and captivating performer Kirstie Simson shares her insights into the application of improvisation & performance as a life practice. Drawing from Contact Improvisation, modern dance, aikido, meditation, and practiced & performed improvisation, this 3-day workshop builds upon simple physical principles to explore the experience of moving, learn the skills of dancing in partnership, and expand our improvisational sensitivity to each other and the environment. Bringing participants into contact with the vitality of creation moment to moment, Kirstie allows us to understand our bodies more profoundly and come into greater depth of being. "What facilitates creativity is being able to live in a world where insecurity is part of our nature...not to avoid it, not to find ways to fix it, not to move away from it but to actually live it." (Kirstie Simson)

Thursday September 18, 5pm through Sunday September 21, 3pm
Workshop fees are tiered for accessibility: student/retiree, regular, professional
(includes tuition, room & board)

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Watch the trailor for Force of Nature (documentary about Kirstie Simson)

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