Moving Arts Lab

Facilitated by Peter Sciscioli

July 17, 2014 - 5:00pm to July 20, 2014 - 3:00pm

"This is a place of power, and magic will happen to you here."

Moving Arts Lab is a festival meeting ground for global investigators exploring how movement, sound, and performance can inform human culture. With multiple classes a day, teaching artists and participants from around the world create an international dialogue on the intersection of modalities. Connecting with nature and frolicking with a host of forms - voice, Contact Improvisation, site-specific/durational performance, physical theater - Moving Arts Lab revitalizes your creative energy in any medium!

Thursday July 17, 5pm through Sunday July 20, 3pm
Workshop fees are tiered for accessibility: student/retiree, regular, professional (includes tuition, room & board)

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This workshop follows a week-long Creative Residency by the International Interdisciplinary Artists Consortium (IIAC), and culminates in a public performance on Saturday July 19th, 8pm at Earthdance.


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Moving Arts Lab Schedule

#3’s usually indicate use of Studio 3 or outside, 1’s and 2’s will be in either Umbrella or Square barn, tbd, depending on enrollment and teacher preferences.

Thursday, 7/17

Friday, 7/18

Saturday, 7/19

Sunday, 7/20


Breakfast 8am-9am

Breakfast 8am-9am

Breakfast 8am-9am


Workshops 10am-12pm

1. Paul

2. Odeya

3. Lani

Workshops 10-12pm

1. Ellen

2. Shura

3. Krista

Workshops 10-12pm

1. Sarah

2. Peter

3. Abigail


Lunch 12pm-1pm

Lunch 12pm-1pm

Lunch/Wrap Up



Workshops 1:30-3:30pm

1. Rebecca/Jeremie

2. Maximilian

3. Terre

Workshops 1:30-3:30pm

1. Olivier

2. Mare

3. Larissa

1-2pm House Clean


Arrive 4pm-on
Registration: 5 - 7pm

Workshops 4-6pm

1. Kota

2. Margot

3. Deb

Workshops 4-6pm

1. Petra

2. Esther

3. Mina


Dinner 6pm-7pm

Dinner 6pm-7pm

Dinner 6pm-7pm


Orientation 8pm

Faculty Meeting immediately following

Dialogue Session 8pm

Faculty Performance 8pm



2014 Moving Arts Lab Workshops

Geographical Bodies: Crossing Borders with Esther Baker-Tarpaga
In this workshop we will be improvising, moving together, moving against, paying special attention to the multiplicity of performed identities.  Drawing from my background in performance art strategies and Africanist diasporic movement circulations, this workshop is physical and collaborative.  

Esther Baker-Tarpaga, co-artistic director of Baker & Tarpaga Dance Project, is a choreographer and performance artist. She is a Grant Wood Fellow at UIowa and taught at Ohio State. An AIR Headlands and Suitcase Fund recipient, she was also a Cultural Envoy throughout Africa. She co-directs a dance workshop in Burkina Faso, curates, and has an MFA from UCLA. She toured with David Rousseve/REALITY and is an Associate of La Pocha Nostra.

Restless Presence with Maximilian Balduzzi
How to learn rigorous physical and vocal actions while practicing presence? How to be present during the breaks and the breaths between those actions? We will work with exercises developed in almost 20 years of Balduzzi’s practice that focus on impulse and stop, rhythm, opposition. This training allows participants to become more deeply connected to their own intuitions and impulses and better able to respond to them truthfully, fearlessly, and joyfully.

Maximilian Balduzzi is an Italian performer, director and teacher. Maximilian moved to NYC in 2008 after almost 15 years of rigorous study around a physical and vocal research for performance. In 2006 he spent six months in Bali studying Balinese dance and voice work. Since 2000, Maximilian has led intensive workshops in Europe and the US. In NYC, he was a Movement Research AIR (2010-2011) and he’s currently one of the artists of the FRESH TRACKS Program at New York Live Arts.

Harmony and Hocketing with Margot Bassett
This workshop will focus on the pleasure of singing with others. Using various physical practices, we will connect to our bodies in order to access the full capacity of our voices. We will then build into easy songs and simple harmonies, moving toward the playful technique of hocketing, or passing melodic lines between individuals or a group. Come prepared to move, improvise, and, of course, sing.

Margot Bassett is a vocalist, mover, and performance-maker based in Minneapolis, MN. She received her BA in Dance at Wesleyan University, her MFA in Contemporary Performance at Naropa University, and has also studied at the Juilliard School and the European American Musical Alliance in Paris.


Simple Scores for Connection and Composition with Shura Baryshnikov
In this workshop, we will lean on the idea that the simplest – and perhaps most elegant – improvisation scores can maximize our connectivity and clarity. We will cultivate our ability to look without seeing, to listen to that which doesn't make sound and to see the whole because of our involvement and despite our involvement. We will play with patience.  

Shura Baryshnikov is a Rhode Island-based movement artist deeply informed by improvisation practices. Drawing upon Viewpoints, Contact Improvisation, and contemporary dance technique, Shura instructs in the Department of Theatre Arts and Performances Studies at Brown University and has recently taught movement at Dean College, Rhode Island College, and MIT.


Vision CHECK with Krista DeNio
Take a solo & ensemble journey through the beautiful land of Earthdance, with the support of a tightly woven structure [writing, movement, theater, voice]. Release identity, dive into unknown, see what becomes surface.  This is an experiment. This is your life. Bring notebook, clothes to move in, towel, bathing suit, water bottle and anything you need to work outdoors.

Krista DeNio is a choreographer, director, performer, writer, and educator, committed to developing new forms of performance work and evolving interdisciplinary thinking and creation between the fields of dance and theater (in particular). She collaborates with artists, educators, and activists across disciplines toward a creatively engaged and socially just world.


Seeds of a Story- Creating a Monologue through Character Development with Deb Disbrow
Using a combination of guided physical theater, vocal, and writing exercises inspired by Grotowski, Roy Hart, Keith Johnstone, Body Mind Centering and others, we will each create short theatrical monologues in a playful and supportive environment. New characters will emerge with stories that want to be told.

Debra Disbrow is a performer/writer/director and teacher based in Brooklyn, NY. She has taught theater, voice, and movement for The Center for Arts Education, Wilma Theater, Mumpuppet Theater, University of Colorado, Naropa University, Earthdance, Spoke the Hub, and others. She recently directed Damaris Webb's one woman play The Box Marked Blackfor Dixon Place in NYC and The 1 Festival in Portland, Oregon; Eliza Ladd's one woman play on est deshabille for the Performance Mix Festival and co-created the ensemble pieceCrosstalk Coconut for Dixon Place and the Fury Factory in San Francisco. She is a founding member of Workshop for Potential Movement (dance theater), Convergences Theater Collective, and The Stenographers (theater). She received her MFA in Theater from Naropa University.


Finding the Source…..rediscovering dance as language with Ellen Fisher
This workshop uses standard and new approaches to constructing dance-theater. During our warm-up we will establish a vocabulary to explore during our time together. Building on the styles and techniques of traditional western and South Asian dance, drama and rituals, artistic practices that explore dance-as-language will be introduced. Personal investigation is encouraged to hone one's unique individual expression.

Ellen Fisher’s movement performance work incorporates visual and sound elements to create a landscape that challenges the audience through perceptual scale change and kinetic empathy. Ellen’s performance work and teaching is informed by ethnographic studies in South Asian culture. She is a recipient of a 2013 Fulbright Fellowship continuing her research and documenting Sri Lankan dance rituals. Ellen began performing with Meredith Monk/The House in the '70's, and continues today.


Body as Field with Maré Hieronimus
Within this workshop we will philosophically and experientially approach the body not as an object, but rather as a field through which forces of sound, light, thought, memory, emotion, space and time are passing. Using somatic practices, improvisation, visualization, and the gateway of the senses as the key between inner/outer worlds, we will sense/feel, move/be moved, see/be seen, experiencing the continuous stream of consciousness through the physical field.

Maré Hieronimus is a Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary dance artist, performer and teacher.  Drawing from her interests in archetype, memory, and dreams, she creates abstract landscapes using the body in motion as the primary impulse. The Body Archive is the umbrella for her teaching work/movement investigations, synthesizing yoga, somatics, improvisation and Ayurvedic/Vedic Studies.


Time, More Time with Abigail Levine
We all know what happens in performance—time becomes maleable, wormholes open up. We're not in charge, but we're also not-not in charge... From small rhythmic shifts to the special state of duration, we will explore our bodies in relation to different measures of time. With a particular focus on action and task, we will build endurance and perception towards new experiential and compositional possibilities.

Abigail Levine is a dance artist from New York. Her works bring together the rigors and resources of dance's bodily specificity with performance art's experiments with time and human action. They have been shown in the US, Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico, Brazil and Taiwan. As a performer, Abigail has worked recently with Marina Abramović, Carolee Schneemann, Clarinda Mac Low, Rebecca Davis, and Larissa Velez.


Sculpting Site Specific Stories: Right Relationships for Physical, Visual, and Emotional Impact with Lani Nahele (Lisa Schmidt)
Journeying together, outdoors, our work will have us palpate the harmonics in a location.  Gathering important nuggets of our stories, being very specific in our compositional choices; in its logic or lack thereof, it's the beauty in the telling, seeing, and hearing.  We'll make moving snapshots to share, then lab toward the right size, timing and relationship for increased impact.

Lani Nahele (Lisa Schmidt) received her BFA from SUNY Purchase. She danced with Trisha Brown Dance Company from '85-'92. She is a practitioner of Body-Mind Centering, teacher of Conscious Movement Arts, hands-on healer, student of Infinity Energy work, choreographer. Lani runs Studio rEvolution, built her house, makes LaniPants, mothers her gorgeous son, practices CI, and is on the Diversity and CI Committees at Earthdance


Free The Voice with Odeya Nini
Dedicated to Vocal Expression, feeling and understanding the physicality of sound, freeing our minds of preconceived idea of song, and opening our ears to new forms of sonic composition within ourselves…We will explore the voice as an instrument that radiates from the imagination, body and movement to convey myriad forms of communication. Come play, unwind, explore and Free the Voice!

Odeya Nini is a Los Angeles based experimental vocalist and contemporary composer of works spanning chamber music to vocal pieces and collages of musique concrete. As a vocalist she is devoted to redefining vocal interpretation and song through an exploration of extended vocal techniques and the physical body's language.


Connecting through Butoh with Mina Nishimura
This workshop offers a series of somatic practices using specific images from butoh scores. These practices are designed to sensitize your perception and feelers, to discover hidden landscapes within your body and to introduce unfamiliar states. The workshop also explores internal connections and exchanges between people while inviting them into deeply personal experiences.

Mina Nishimura from Tokyo was introduced to butoh and improvisational dance through Kota Yamazaki. She has been dancing and making works in New York since 2003. She has also been a guest faculty member at Bennington College and Ferris University (Japan), and is currently a Movement Research Artist-In-Residence.


Experiments in the Environment with Terre Parker
"Open your senses. Be drawn to a place. Witness. Close your eyes and explore through touch. Respond with movement and/or voice. Gather and witness each other." This workshop is based on my outdoor performance practice, begun in 1996 and heavily influenced by company retreats with Anna Halprin and Authentic Movement in nature.

Terre Unité Parker creates (experimental, place-based) dances, videos, installations, and scores. Terre has performed with Anna Halprin (2003-2010) and directs the Movement Arts Ensemble (Mae) – an intergenerational company committed to creativity in service of the common good. Terre performs and teaches nationally, internationally, and locally at Studio Helix, Laurel Park, area colleges, and with Enchanted Circle Theater.

Voice as Movement with Peter Sciscioli
Intended for anyone interested in exploring or using voice in performance. Drawing focus to breath through awareness and a basic physical warm-up, we will move into an anatomy-based approach to producing sound. Various exercises for cultivating stamina, resonance, range, volume and articulation will be introduced. We will explore how the extension of movement into sound can alter our perception and activate space differently than movement alone. Further, we will experience a dialogue between spoken language and movement.  Finally, we will discover how this interplay can expand the variety of choices that are available to performers, allowing for a fuller means of expression through the body.

Peter Sciscioli is a New York-based performer, choreographer, educator, and producer whose work encompasses dance, music (voice and violin) and theater. He has performed and taught nationally and internationally in countries from Brazil to Serbia, and has worked extensively with Meredith Monk, Jane Comfort and Company, and in work by Matthew Barney, Ping Chong, Philip Glass and Mary Zimmerman.


Moving with Reason with Paul Singh
This class will focus on connecting with other movers in the room not only with tactile touch and principles from Contact Improvisation, but with our aural and visual senses as well. We will focus on a few key exercises to free and soften the folds and joints in our bodies so that those places can become invitations to others.

Paul Singh earned his BFA in Dance from the University of Illinois. He has performed professionally in NYC for the last 8 years. He has also participated and taught in Contact Improvisation festivals all over the world.  While in NYC, Paul makes work for his company Singh & Dance.

Sound and Singing Body with Olivier Tarpaga

This workshop will explore sound, noise, and body music.  Participants will play and create music and movements usign multiple styles and tools.  This technique draws from my experience composing movement and music in contemporary and West African Dance.

Olivier Tarpaga is an award winning dancer-choreographer and musician, and the artistic director of Nomad Express International Multi-Arts Festival in Burkina. Olivier is the founder and artistic director of the internationally acclaimed Dafra Drum and co-founder of Baker & Tarpaga Dance Project. Olivier’s music and dance have been acclaimed in over forty-five counties in Africa, America, Asia, Australia, and Europe.
Authentic Creation using Dance-Theater Tools with Petra van Noort
This workshop is about the practice of feeling and communicating. Led by a series of questions, we draw from personal observations and experiences to find what moves us from within. Found material is boiled down to repeatable physical and/or verbal nuggets, then, by way of playful creative problem-solving with others, expanded into larger sequences.

Petra van Noort hails from The Netherlands, and is now based in NYC. She has enjoyed the privilege of co-creating with several companies that combine dance and theater (currently Jane Comfort and Company) and with clients as a holistic practitioner (private practice). Currently she is researching the overlap of embodied emotional awareness and authenticity in practice and performance.


Multiply Your Meaning-Making Capacity with Larissa Velez-Jackson
This workshop is concerned with the moment of creative action. Using whatever medium is most available to the practitioner- movement, speech, sound, writing- we will see how forms can exist in dialogue, competition, and support of one another in real-time- as a practice. Bring a paper, pen, some clothing layers.

Larissa Velez-Jackson is a NYC-based choreographer/multimedia artist. She’s shown work at numerous NYC venues and in 2012 she attended the danceWEB scholarship program of Impulstanz Festival in Vienna via the Jerome Foundation Travel & Study Grant. She is currently a Movement Research AIR '12-'13 and a boo-koo resident ’14 at Gibney Dance Center. She will premiere a new work in NYC at Chocolate Factory, November 2014. 

Internal/External with Kota Yamazaki
This session will explore the unknown possibilities of the body through Yamazaki's somatic practices. Influenced by Noguchi gymnastics and butoh, Yamazaki has been developing his own practice called Fluid Technique. This workshop offers participants an opportunity to release any physical or mental blocks while searching for a system of physical revitalization. Participants will be encouraged to develop an awareness of what is occurring both inwardly and outwardly, and to be present to both experiences at the same time.

Born in Niigata, Japan, Kota Yamazaki was first introduced to butoh under the teaching of Akira Kasai. Yamazaki with Fluid hug-hug has been presenting work nationally and internationally since 2003. Yamazaki is a recipient of the Bessie Award 2007 and Foundation for Contemporary Arts Grant award 2013.

Relaxed Action with Sarah Young
How can we continually allow for dynamic, easeful responsiveness within clearly articulated structures? Drawing from the Feldenkrais Method, we will begin moving simply to quiet the nervous system and expand our self-awareness. Through this process, we increase our propensity for efficiency and spontaneity in the unexpected moments of Contact Improvisation.

Sarah Young is curious about the body's capacity for learning and creativity - pretty much all of the time. Sarah has worked most closely with choreographers Hilary Easton, Steven Koplowitz, Jill Sigman, David Dorfman, and the Treehouse Shakers. She is a Wisconsin native, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign alum, student of The Feldenkrais Method, and currently the Executive Director at Earthdance.


Photo Credits: Dave Ratzlow, Nikki Carrara, Joshua Sugiyama,Carrie Sipp, Bruce Gunderson, Arthur Fink, Adam Brown, Adeline Newmann, Hideto Maezawa, Mollie Walsh, Julieta Cervantes,Hope Davis, Aja Mujinga Sherrard, DR Photography, Eugene Notten, Doron Sadja