Moving Arts Lab

(formerly Western Mass Moving Arts Festival)

August 8, 2013 - 5:00pm to August 11, 2013 - 3:00pm

Join us for a weekend of Interdisciplinary movement workshops and performances with local, national and international artists.

Amidst the lush backdrop of New England Summer, the Moving Arts Lab offers an opportunity to study a multiplicity of different movement-based forms with artists from around the world. Formerly the Western Mass Moving Arts Festival, the new title reflects the diversity of teachers coming from East and West, and emphasizes the exploratory and investigative nature of workshops being offered in such forms as Voice and Movement, Contact Improvisation, Site-Specific/Durational Performance and Physical Theater. A great way to sample the unique community offerings of Earthdance and the wide range of artistic expression explored here. 

Photo Credit: Steven Schreiber

FESTIVAL: August 8th-11th (Thu-Sun), 2013

PERFORMANCES: August 10th (Sat), 2013

Tuition, Room and Board All Inclusive:

Student/Retiree Rate: $300 
Regular Rate: $350 
Professional Rate: $400 
Camping Rate: $10 off each night
Commuter Rate: $15 off each night

Register before August 8th for $15 off! (the discount is included in the prices listed) 

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Thursday, 8/8

Friday, 8/9

Saturday, 8/10

Sunday, 8/11


Breakfast 8-9am

Breakfast 8-9am

Breakfast 8-9am


Registration 8:30-9:30am

Workshops 10am-12pm

1. Karl/Marjorie

2. Kristin

3. Lani

Workshops 10-12pm

1. Curt/Nicole

2. Daniel/Guillaumarc

3. Susan/Terre

Workshops 10-12pm

1. Mare

2. Maximilian

3. Abigail



Lunch 12-1pm


Lunch 12-1pm

Store Open 12:30-1:30pm

Lunch/Wrap-up 12-1pm


Arrival 4pm and on


Workshops 1:30-3:30pm

1. Peter/Ana

2. Krista/Javiera

3. Gabriel

Workshops 1:30-3:30pm

1. Taja/Blake

2. Krista/Tara

3. Susan M.

1-2  House Clean

Store Open 1-2:30pm

Registration 5-7pm


Workshops 4-6pm

1. Sarah

2. Martin/Emily

3. Sandie

Workshops 4-6pm

1. Ursula/Iskra

2. Margot

3. Deb


Dinner 6-7pm

Dinner 6-7pm

Dinner 6-7pm


Orientation 8pm

Evening Open

8pm Faculty Performance



Body & Voice

with Maximilian Balduzzi (New York)

Balduzzi will lead an exploration of dynamic physical and vocal work designed to bring the individual and the group to a state of joyful awareness. The workshop draws materials from a variety of traditional and contemporary sources to sustain a dynamic flow between physical and vocal action. We will work through principles of impulse, control, opposition, balance, rhythm, sensitivity, articulation, intonation, and association to find meaningful moments of nondiscursive contact with ourselves and each other. Emphasis is placed on commitment and play within simple but rigorous structures of the body and voice.

Collective Autonomy: Individual Creation in the Context of a Group
with Sandie Luna (New York)

Working without the usual hierarchy and role expectations, we will aim to create individual works in the context of a group.  We will explore tools to work without a director, taking responsibility for the process and the product with the support of an ensemble. Can the creative process be democratic?


Contact Meets Contemporary
with Kristin Horrigan (Southern Vermont)
A contact improvisation class informed by tools and techniques from contemporary dance.  In this class, Kristin Horrigan will share some of her research and discoveries from the July 2013 Contact Meets Contemporary Festival in Gottingen, Germany.

Content and Context; Inner and Outer Stories
with Lani Nahele (Western Mass)
Come outside with us. We'll take a walk...We'll warm up our bodies and awaken our senses through Authentic Movement and Body-Mind Centering. Then, telescoping out from a strong inner ground, we'll use movement scores, writing, and drawing, to create small performative vignettes to share with one another and the land.  

Different Spaces: a discussion on the physical and social spaces of performance
with Susan Mar Landau (New York)
Taking Michel Foucault’s essay “Different Spaces” as a staring point, we will examine the “ensemble of relations” that exists in the spaces that performance occupies by design, and those that it occupies by chance or intent. We will question how what we perform where affects the social experience, perception and function of space and of performance itself.

Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether: Dance Improvisation and the Five Vedic Elements

with Maré Hieronimus (New York)
This lab will be an open exploration of how we transform through the five elements of the Vedic cosmology. Using the frameworks of yoga practice and dance improvisation, we will take the time to explore each element individually with its manifestations and correspondences in the body/mind, culminating in a fluid score where body/nature commingle.
Followin' Flo
with Krista DeNio (Western Mass) & Tara Rynders
Follow along as we create the river, buy a canoe, paint our bodies yellow and jump in.  An exploration in deep exploration, this fake-real workshop, will plumb the depths of the new age paradigm. Through collaborative group process(es), movement, image and contemplative exercises we will find the flutter flutter of our true animal heart.
Harmony & Hocketing
with Margot Bassett (New York)
Using physical practices inspired by Roy Hart vocal technique, we will connect to our bodies in order to access the full capacity of our voices. We will then build into songs with simple harmonies, moving toward the playful technique of hocketing, or passing melodic lines. No prior singing experience necessary!
Maps, Translations and Movement
with Martin Lanz Landazuri (Mexico City) & Emily Sweeney (London)
Starting with a graphic representation of what could be organized into movement, its environment and a relationship to time and space, we will work on improvisational structures and instant compositions. We will draw inspiration from trajectories, directions, shapes and designs containing such information as image and text, which can be used as resources for creative practices.

Open Space
with Ursula Eagly (New York) and Iskra Sukarova (Skopje, Macedonia)
This workshop is an extension of Ursula and Iskra’s artistic collaboration and exchange of artistic views over the course of several years, and an opportunity to share this exchange with participants. There will be no students and no teachers. There will be an open space and artistic expression within the framework of a workshop; a chance for us all to explore new formats of knowledge exchange. More info under TTT Session 2013 @

Permeability – my practice is holey
with Gabriel Forestieri (New York)
This class puts holes into the I part and then holes into the dance part. Through these holes we open the idea of I and the idea of dancing to the world that surrounds them. Both including and enlarging my perspective and my permeability. I am the world dancing and the world is dancing I.

Physical Dialogues and Authenticity
with Daniel Han (USA/Poland) and Guillaumarc Froidevaux (Switzerland/Poland)

Beyond the borders of our individual self, it is the support of relationship that sustains the theatrical action. The relationship is defined in the tension between balance and instability,where an individual must confront with the partner or group in order to break through one's borders and experience the present moment. Drawing on the multidisciplinary research of Studio Matejka (Wroclaw, Poland), this is an exploration into the landscape of human encounter, where bodies exchange, negotiate, and travel together through movement, sound, sensitivity, space and time.
Presence & Action: embodied engagement in performance & the world
with Javiera Benavente & Krista DeNio (Western Mass)
How do we train to be fully present with ourselves, each other, and in the world? How do we build our capacity to take honest and courageous individual and collective action? Through the practices of authentic movement, physical training and Viewpoints based improvisation and composition, we will explore the intersection of presence and action in performance and politics. 
Relaxed Action
with Sarah Young (Western Mass)
How can we continually allow for dynamic, easeful responsiveness within clearly articulated structures? Drawing from the Feldenkrais Method, we will begin moving simply to quiet the nervous system and expand our self-awareness. Through this process, we increase our propensity for efficiency and spontaneity in the unexpected moments of Contact Improvisation.

Rhythm, Time, Duration
with Abigail Levine (New York)

Speed, stillness, rhythm, repetition... How does the body experience and perform time? From small rhythmic changes to the unique space of duration, we will take our bodies into and out of different measures of time. Open to all movers, we will build endurance and perception towards new experiential and compositional possibilities.
Rigor, Clarity and Magic: Movement Improvisation
with Taja Will & Blake Nellis (Minneapolis)
Our bodies are magic. This workshop is a snapshot into the process of improvisational performers Taja Will and Blake Nellis. Together we will rigorously deepen our moving relationship with self, other and the environment, directing our attention both inward and outward to create a dynamic and intimate relationship with our movement impulses. We will practice turning on the compositional mind, in solo, duet and ensemble explorations. Participants are encouraged to come ready with an intention for how this workshop can expand their current improvisational endeavors.  Come with curiosity, come with clarity, come ready to be amazed.

Sensing Nature, Dancing, Singing and Writing to Preserve Her: An Arts-Based Approach to Environmental Advocacy
with Terre Unité Parker (Western Mass) & Susan Oetgen (New York)
How can we effectively advocate for the environment if we are not in a close relationship with it? This participatory workshop blends movement, writing, speaking, singing and contemplation, to help participants personally connect with the Earth and communicate passionately on its behalf.

Shorts (Physical Theater)
with Debra Disbrow (New York)

Through physical theater, voice and writing exercises inspired by Jerzy Grotowski, Keith Johnstone, Roy Hart and others, we will delve into ensemble creation to make theatrical shorts. Working in small groups and as an ensemble, we will play, improvise and compose as new characters and stories emerge and surprise us.

Somatic Aesthetics: composing from within

with Curt Haworth & Nicole Bindler (Philadelphia) 

Somatic practices can inspire our artistry and deepen our performance practice in solo, contact and ensemble dancing. We seek intuitive dances that are both viscerally driven and rigorous within form, time and space. In this lab-like environment we hypothesize that there is a connection between kinesthetic desire, embodied impulses and spatial consonance and/or dissonance. There is no one answer, nor a singular goal. Let's research together!


Sound Body
with Marjorie Morgan (Boston/Western Mass) & Karl Cronin (San Francisco)
This workshop is designed to unlock the music within you by engaging and opening the body. Informed by Morgan's work with Roy Hart Theater members and Cronin's research in embodied music cognition, this two-hour session will include partner and group improvisations and personal exploration that will assist you in finding and expanding your voice through movement.


Voice as Movement
with Peter Sciscioli (New York) & Ana Sofrenovic (Belgrade)
Inspired by their ongoing long-distance collaboration over the last three years, Sciscioli and Sofrenovic will lead participants through a series of exercises for accessing the voice, exploring voice and movement, and attuning to oneself and others simultaneously. From sounding, to speaking to singing, come investigate how this interplay can expand the variety of choices that are available to performers.