May 22, 2013 - 3:00pm to 6:00pm

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With the iLAND (Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Art Nature and Dance) Community

iLAND public engagement led by the iLAB residency -Through Body, Through Earth, Through Speech and other iLAND community members.

Walks, movement explorations and discussions based on the collaborative research conducted over the past week will be led by the iLAB residents and other iLAND community members. The practices will draw on iLANDing - A multi-faceted and evolving framework that seeks to transmit collaborative process in multiple and complementary ways. iLANDing is a tool that facilitates interdisciplinary collaboration with an aim to:

1) Inform, investigate and expand each artist/scientist’s own disciplinary methods, practices and processes.

2) Create an opportunity to develop new interdisciplinary methods and practices from the experiences of sharing process, language, and on-site experience.

3) Engage the site/ecosystem as collaborator to help shape an informed and in-depth understanding of the relationship between site and human action.

4) Create meaningful public engagements that activate kinetic, as well as scientific approaches to understanding urban ecologies.


Through Body, Through Earth, Through Speech includes Fantastic Futures: Julio Hernandez, Huong Ngo, Phuong Nguyen, Solgil Oh, Sable Elyse Smith, Or Zubalsky; Environmental scientist of Urban Evolutionary Biology: Jason Munshi-South; Multi-disciplinary artist: Sonia Finley.

iLAND community members include Jennifer Monson, Julia Handschuh and Carolyn Hall

In Through Body, Through Earth, Through Speech, residents plan to engage with the general public in the neighborhood of Queens Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, NYC on research around questions about difference, biodiversity, proximity, and intervention. They will explore and reinterpret these questions through the cross pollination of artistic practice and scientific method. For instance, in regards to our understanding of diversity of humans, plants, and animals, how and why do we measure difference? What do we consider “natural” and how are urban systems around us “naturalized?” When is a change in our environment deemed worthy of intervention? Who has the power to intervene? When should one exert or not exert that power? How does this relate to geopolitical policy, national identity, or interpersonal relationships?

Flushing Meadows-Corona Park is currently undergoing development supported by Mayor Bloomberg of a mall and two stadiums. This project has been very much contested by local community groups and residents.  We feel that these issues are particularly urgent and hope that our work can contribute to the dialogue about the neighborhood’s future. We imagine that our process might look like conversations, collaborative field research, and workshops centered around acts of listening, which are all open to the public and structured in such a way that a bodily experience (such as a movement experiment or a hands-on interaction with nature) frames every discussion.

Public engagements, which result from the collaborative process, will be held in July and August 2013. Please see the iLAND website for updates regarding these events.

The Earthdance retreat offers iLAND community members an opportunity to share practices and resources in within a rural setting to contrast and support the research and experimentation that will be conducted in the urban ecologies of New York City this summer.

Read this press release for more information.

Check out this website for Fantastic Futures, part of the group that will be in residence: