Transforming Conflict through Embodiment

April 19, 2013 - 5:00pm to April 21, 2013 - 5:00pm

Note the schedule change:
On Friday April 19th, registration is from 5-6:30pm, with dinner from 6-7pm. Participants can also arrive on Saturday morning.  Workshop runs from 10-5p on Saturday and Sunday.

The registration fee covers two nights: Friday /Saturday or Saturday/Sunday.  It is $30 more to stay for three nights.  You may make these arrangements before or during your stay. 

Skills for Self & Group Conflict using Somatic Techniques and Arnold Mindell’s Deep Democracy Approach, with Martha Eddy.

What if you had the skills to embrace conflict? Often conflict is seen as a problem, two entrenched sides dug into each of their positions. In contrast, Arnold Mindell defines conflict as a situation that is trying to balance itself. This weekend intensive will help participants harness the potency of conflict to deepen our awareness of our selves, our relationships, and our communities. 

Deep Democracy is about representing all the different peoples and stories and as many of the deeper states of mind (dreaming, verbal & non-verbal) as possible. It is about the equal importance of all parts, peoples, and levels of awareness which includes: Consensus, Reality, Dreamland, and Essence.
By bridging the arts, body scores (BMC, Laban/Bartenieff, Authentic Movement, Somatic Psychology - Hakomi & Process work, Education & Group Process) we practice taking on polarities and creating new forms of leadership and social actions.
We will work with body-based tools to not only learn the content and skills of some of these systems, but how they support and generate new solutions as we listen and reflect upon the body-mind wisdom, the sensitivity to expand the range of perception & expression, vitality & appreciation of differences, thereby enhancing the overall health of the community. 

Tuition, Room and Board All Inclusive:

Student/Retiree Rate: $250
Regular Rate: $300
Professional Rate: $350
Camping Rate: $10 off each night
Commuter Rate: $15 off each night

* To make our rates affordable Earthdance encourages workshop participants to participate in after-meal cleaning and an end-of-workshop dorm and Farmhouse clean as well.

Earthdance offers financial aid opportunities through work-study and scholarships. 

If you are interested in applying for the work-study program to pay off your registration fee at $10/hour, please apply online at

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Earthdance Cancellation Policy:
Cancellation 3 weeks or more before the start of the workshop: Earthdance will refund deposit money in full.
Cancellation within 3 weeks of the workshop: Earthdance keeps full deposit.
(Under extenuating circumstances, 50% of the deposit can be refunded or moved towards payment for a future event)
Please note: You are not fully registered until we receive your deposit fee online or by check.

Workshop Sample Schedule:

5-7 p.m. Arrival and registration
6-8 p.m. Dinner
8-10 p.m. Open Dancing in the Studios

8-9 a.m. Breakfast
10-1 p.m. Orientation and Workshop Session #1
1-2 p.m. Lunch
3-6 p.m. Workshop Session #2
6-7 p.m. Dinner
8-10 p.m. TBD

8-9 a.m. Breakfast
10-1 p.m. Workshop Session #3
1-2 p.m. Lunch
1:30-3:00pm ED Store Open 
2:00-3:00pm All House Clean
3:00-5:00pm Final Workshop Session and Closing Circle
5:00pm Goodbyes and Departure
6:00-7:00pm Dinner (for those who are staying over)