Earthdance Bi-Annual Work Weekend and Community Meeting

Hosted by Earthdance Staff & Board of Directors, followed immediately by our Skill Share Week!

April 26, 2013 - 5:00pm to April 28, 2013 - 3:00pm

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Come connect with others, work on the land, clean up the grounds and prepare for the next season!  
Of course, as we build and plant, we also dance, play and improvise! 

The Community Meeting on Saturday April 27th from 3-6pm provides space for us to reflect on where we have grown together, plan for the future, and renew our collective commitment to this community. 

The Work Weekends are FREE in exchange for your labor and love. 

If you plan on joining us please RSVP to

Stay for our Skill Share Week!  More information is available; stay on, play, and learn!

Work Weekend Schedule: (also available: Skill Share Week schedule)


12pm onwards: Arrival and registration at front table in farmhouse
1-3pm: Lunch and clean
3-6pm: Afternoon work and continued arrivals
6-8pm: Dinner and clean
8-9:30pm: Movement Class: Contact Motion Devotion with Eve Christoph
9pm onwards: Open Jam


8-10am: Breakfash and clean
9-10am: Morning practice
10am-1pm: Orientation & Morning work session
1-3pm: Lunch and clean
3-6pm: Annual Meeting
6-8pm: Dinner and clean
8pm onwards: Music and Movement jam with Ali and friends


8-10am: Breakfash and clean
9-10am: Morning practice: Qi Gong with Ophra Wolf
10am-1pm: Morning work session
1-3pm: Lunch and clean
2-3pm: Registration for Skill Share Week
3-6pm: Afternoon work session and CI Class with Jen Polins
5-7pm: CI Jam
7-9pm: Dinner and clean
8-9pm: Continued registration
9pm onwards: Open Jam