Tara Rynders and E|MERGE Artists-in-Residence Present: you & me

a series of one-on-one experiences and dinner that explore the nature of art, intimacy and performance

February 23, 2013 -
3:00pm to 6:00pm
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you & me earthdance [visual art/performance/dinner/video/dance/live music] explores intimacy as it unfolds through performance in a non-traditional setting at Earthdance Plainfield, MA. A limited number of spaces will be available for a performance and dinner curated, performed, and directed in collaboration by Tara Rynders and E|MERGE artists-in-residence: Joan Schwartz, Mariel Berger, Kelsey Hobbs, Laurel Koop, Elizabeth MacKinnon Cristina Crippa Shira Lynn.

RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED: Please click here to sign up for you & me Earthdance.

$10 for the performance including dinner and $5 for the later performance 8-10pm

Rynders and her collective premiered you & me Denver in April 2011 in her home in Denver, CO and recently toured with her company and performed you & me San Francisco, you & me Reno, and you & me Evergreen.  you & me Earthdance will incorporate new artists, and new site-specific performances allowing each guest the chance to experience and create a performance with one artist at a time. 

you & me Earthdance  questions all aspects of performance including where a performance can take place, who are the real performers, how does performance change when it is being witnessed, and is a performance really a performance if it is only happening for one person?  Some highlights of you & me Earthdance are the “one on one” performances, a performance created by one performer for only one guest at a time and the sit down, family- style dinner served as part of the performance.  The “one on one” performances invite the viewer to take an active role in the performance and offer each guest a unique and personalized experience.