Call and Response: Explorations in the Civic Body

with Onye Ozuzu & Krista DeNio

October 11, 2012 - 5:00pm to October 14, 2012 - 4:00pm

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How do we speak in the body politic? How does the body of the group recognize the voice of the individual? And vice versa? How does the body support the voice? And vice versa? How does the voice represent the body? Can we transform the cultural traditions of our dances, songs, and stories into useful civic processes for the present discourse? Can we expand the footprint of our performance arts into active participation with the processes through which communities, society, citizenry make decisions and affect the direction of our shared experience?

This workshop will draw on 5 (collective) decades of cross disciplinary practice and performance experience in social dance forms; concert dance forms; vocal work; martial arts; energy based body practices; sports; cultural studies; choreography, rhythm-based, solo, group, movement & theater improvisation, to guide an integration of physical practice, dialogue & intellectual engagement, to investigate how we can design civic space that supports discourse and to engage in discourse that represents the body, our bodies.

Student/Retiree: $200
Regular: $250
Professional: $300

Room and Board:
Guest Lodge: $150
Camping: $130
Commuting: $120

Work trade, Pay it forward, and Gift Economy options available