1st Sunday Music and Movement Jam with Tony Silva

September 2, 2012 -
8:00pm to 10:00pm

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Once a month the Umbrella Studio fills with a celebration of movement and music!  A live soundscape is provided by a local musican.  Bring your own instruments to join in after 10pm.

Jam: $10-$15

All dance levels and styles are welcome.

This week's musician is Tony Silva
Tony Silva is an adjunct faculty member of the Five College consortium in western Mass, where he has accompanied dance classes since 2003. Before that he was himself a dancer for 20 years.  The son of two artists, Silva was born in NYC in 1962, and has been involved with music and dance since childhood. He began studying with Nancy Stark Smith in 1984 while attending UMass Amherst.  He continued to study with her for the next 17 years (on and off).  He earned a BFA in dance from the University of Massachusetts in 1994, then moved back to NYC to choreograph, perform and teach dance for the next nine years.  Tony has been greatly aided by the mentorship of Peter Jones and Mike Vargas in his development as an accompanist. He has played master classes for David Dorffman, Liz Lerman, Marjorie Folkman (Mark Morris), Paul Dennis as well as many long-time Five College faculty members.  Tony blends electronics with acoustic instruments to produce a punchy mix that motivates dancers. He creates rich sonic atmospheres with a wide variety of instruments, from synthesizers, percussion and chimes, to guitar and flutes. More info at www.tonysilva.com