The Julius Ford/ Harriet Tubman Healthy Living Conference

An inter-generational, social justice and community training ground

July 30, 2012 (All day) to August 3, 2012 (All day)

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The Julius Ford/ Harriet Tubman Healthy Living Conference (JF/HTHLC) is a week long, intensive gathering for young people, educators, organizers and facilitators, to engage in key identified aspects of healthy living, critical thinking and communication skills, integrative arts and performance, nutrition, contemplative practices and sustainable living.  JF/HTHLC recognizes the reality of longstanding racial oppression and economic inequality experienced amongst urban youth and other underrepresented groups of young people and therefore aims to create an inter-generational experience that will provide tools, possibility and space for participants to empower themselves with support, encouragement and love.

This year, FTHL embarks on a journey for sustained longevity. Inspired by the well-known caption of the Feminist Movement, The Personal is Political, our theme this year promises to help each participant find the balance between everyday sacrifices made for (or because of) the community we love, and the liberty to live for our own welfare. We’ll be answering the questions “How does my organization care for the community,” and “How do I care for myself?” since the two are in fact, hand-in-hand.

While providing time to travel the grounds, participate in stress relief, and learn/continue to learn how to cultivate fruit-bearing land, this year will call upon those participating, to step up into leadership positions, and lead a workshop or two. To exchange ideas, lessons, and support of one another, is to strengthen the network of tomorrow’s leaders.