Avoiding Practitioner Burnout

May 20, 2012 -
10:00am to 2:30pm

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What turns our initial yearning to alleviate the suffering of others into a pressure cooker of overwhelm, resentment and self-doubt? Every practitioner faces this challenge sooner or later. Vicarious trauma and somatic transference are ever-present yet often overlooked and underestimated. This workshop addresses the cultivation of somatic awareness,  personal energy conservation and emotional management as the practitioner in relation to your clients. You’ll learn to:

1. Spot the signs of overwhelm, somatically, as they occur

2. Recognize and manage physical energy drain and emotional fallout

3. Create somatic interventions on the spot & between sessions

4. Utilize the specific effects of developmental movement, body attitude and self-image

5.  Establish necessary boundaries on multi-dimensional levels (time, $$, energy)

6.  Refer out (who & to whom?) and create a collaborative co-practitioner plan.


 A must for anyone who’s actively practicing a healing modality or thinking of going into the profession.


Cost for Workshop: $90

TAKE ONE DAY OR TAKE THEM ALL (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) FOR A 25% DISCOUNTED RATE OF $225!

To register: email us at centerforkinestheticeducation@gmail.com