1st Sunday Music and Movement Jam

Improvisation by local muscians and dancers unite!

March 4, 2012 -
8:00pm to 10:00pm

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Once a month the Umbrella Studio fills with a celebration of movement and music!  A live soundscape is provided by a local musican.  Bring your own instruments to join in after 10pm.

All dance levels and styles are welcome. 

This month we have Stephen Katz! Stephen uses live looping electronics to generate dynamic orchestral textures, and has distinguished himself as a composer of tightly composed cello pieces that unfold loop-by-loop.

Lovers of the cello will find a whole new dimension to love in the music of Stephen Katz. He blends the emotional resonance and refinement of classical music with the roots of rhythm and improvisation. One fan said, "Your music seems to come from another world, but I'm so happy it found its way into mine. You are a gem." And a senior audience member said, "I thought I'd been everywhere, but this has taken me places I've never been before!"

If you've never heard Stephen's music, then you are in for an amazing treat. Far beyond what you might think of as "cello" music, it breaches the ethereal and moves into deep mystical experience. - Miles, The Warm Room