Y(our) History as a Dance

with Sarah Ledbetter


February 18, 2012 -
3:00pm to 6:00pm
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When history collides with the personal, what you're left with can be described as a dance. In this improvisation workshop, participants will replay and re-explore the "opening into dance" afforded by exhilarating, devastating, or life-altering moments in collective and personal memory. As a group we will support the sharing and naming of these openings in an ultra-safe environment, and create a score that contains them. This score will become part of THE MAKING OF, an EMERGE project directed by Sarah Ledbetter that explores the improvisation of history and... the sight of a friend in a crowd.

Workshop Fees

This workshop is part of a weekend of intensives offered by the 2012 E|MERGE Artists-in-Residence
Full weekend of workshops: $175-225 including room & board
One day: $75 including meals and two workshops
Single workshop: $25
Email contact@earthdance.net or call 413.634.5678 to register