Inviting Impact and Endurance

with Taja Will

February 19, 2012 -
10:00am to 1:00pm
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This workshop will explore and test personal edges through impact and endurance training using a somatic lens. During this time participants will span the entire spectrum from the passive restful body to fully engaged moving body. Together we'll map our skeletons and then ask the bones how they can best invite efficient impact and test with falling, diving and rolling. Deepening the investigation we'll invite the heartbeat and blood flow to show us a way into speed, increasing gradually until we reach an aerobic state, where we'll stay until we've turned our bodies inside out.

Workshop Fees

This workshop is part of a weekend of intensives offered by the 2012 E|MERGE Artists-in-Residence
Full weekend of workshops: $175-225 including room & board
One day: $75 including meals and two workshops
Single workshop: $25
Email or call 413.634.5678 to register