Evacuate/ Inhabit

Co- taught by Kristen Greco & Daniel Bear Davis

February 18, 2012 -
3:00pm to 6:00pm
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An intersection of butoh, energetic states, qi gong principles, characterologies and composition.

This workshop explores intentional alignment. An invitation to touch our innermost empty state and from this place allow our primal and personal stories to emerge. We will map the habituation of these stories as they inhabit our bodies to become character. Qi gong and butoh will be used as shape shifting techniques to deepen and transform these constellations of experience. We will cultivate a deep sense of witnessing for both ourselves and each other. The state of ‘allow’ will guide us into unknown territory. We will use touch as a tool - touching with attention, touching through the space, touching through time, touching through the eyes, touching with the body. The intention is to investigate multiple perceptual lenses within our experience, expanding our relationship with how and what we perceive while dancing.