a weekend of intensives lead by E|MERGE artists-in-residence

February 18, 2012 (All day) to February 19, 2012 (All day)
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Workshop Fees

Full weekend of workshops: $175-225 including room & board
One day: $75 including meals and two workshops
Single workshop: $25

Email contact@earthdance.net or call 413.634.5678 to register

Y(our) History as a Dance taught by Sarah Ledbetter
When history collides with the personal, what you're left with can be described as a dance. In this improvisation workshop, participants will replay and re-explore the "opening into dance" afforded...More info >>

Evacuate/ Inhabit Co- taught by Kristen Greco & Daniel Bear Davis
An intersection of butoh, energetic states, qi gong principles, characterologies and composition. More info >>
Biomythography taught by Gillian Chadsey 
Each of us has a story to tell. These stories are always a mixture of the imaginary, the wishful, and the real. Some of us are gifted storytellers, but it is not always easy translating our stories...More info >>
I'd like to write a song with you ta Davina Cohen & Cory Neale
We'll make songs out of nothing using our bodies, brains, voices, hearts, and all the artistic resources we have.  All styles, voices, instruments, languages, interests, and experiences welcome. More info >>

FEBRUARY 19th Workshops

The Un-Layered Body is a workshop on physical theatre lead by Debora Balardini and Sandie Luna, co-founders of the Nettles Artists Collective based in New York City. This dynamic workshop centers on...
In this workshop we will explore physically. We will delve into emotional states. We will use our eyes to tell a story.We will use text to inspire movement and use architecture and perspective to...More info >>
Aiming to work in a mode where space tells us what to do: not looking for good ideas, but resting in a natural state of grace. Practicing non-territoriality, acknowledging our own foolishness,...More info >>
This workshop will explore and test personal edges through impact and endurance training using a somatic lens. During this time participants will span the entire spectrum from the passive restful...More info >>