Developing a Character through Embodied Practice

with Allison Ross


February 19, 2012 -
3:00pm to 6:00pm
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In this workshop we will explore physically. We will delve into emotional states. We will use our eyes to tell a story.We will use text to inspire movement and use architecture and perspective to create texture and nuance for movement narrative.

My hope is to provide a variety of tools to find a character's essence. Through exploring the capacity of our anatomy, muscular states of tension, and fluid systems, we will hone our abilities to make specific and dynamic choices as solo and ensemble performers.


Workshop Fees

This workshop is part of a weekend of intensives offered by the 2012 E|MERGE Artists-in-Residence
Full weekend of workshops: $175-225 including room & board
One day: $75 including meals and two workshops
Single workshop: $25
Email or call 413.634.5678 to register