Body Resonance—Butoh & Organic Movement

With Yumiko Yoshioka

June 5, 2020 - 12:00pm to June 7, 2020 - 2:30pm

The main focus of this online workshop is a conscious research of our body/mind/soul unification so we can deeply enjoy the intrinsic process of metamorphosis in the spirit of dance. Through a continuous exploration of our past collective memories, we can strike a vein of abundant creative resources, enriching the essence of our life.

The body is a receptacle of time. Body resonance is a key to opening up the doors of an ever-changing world inside and outside of ourselves. This helps the body to unfold its secrets, holding them up until they shine and tremble.

Everything is in resonance with each other. Through a dialogue with our body, we can learn to be moved by inner and outer forces, thus realizing we are a part of the Universe. A dance of metamorphosis inevitably appears.

Workshop Content:

– Release exercises, inspired by Noguchi Taiso (Gymnastics), Taichi, and Yoga
– Breathing exercises AUN
– Dynamic training for the flow of energy
– Butoh-related work (e.g. sensitization, a combination of image and movement with antenna exercises such as the figure 8, water ball, animal, insect, snake, witch and fairy, the creatures inside us, hanging body, and walking)
– Structured improvisation and choreography

The final day will include a conversation with Yumiko about the lineage of Butoh and her personal history with the form. We encourage people of all backgrounds to attend.

See a testimonial from Jacqueline Westhead below.


Schedule (all times in EDT on Zoom):
Friday 12–1pm & 1:30–2:30pm
Saturday 12–1pm & 1:30–2:30pm
Sunday 12–1pm & 1:30–2:30pm

Earthdance is striving to create sustainable models of programming that also help create opportunities for more diverse access. This workshop is priced on a sliding scale to allow for a wide range of people to attend. The "Sustainer” rate is for those able to help sustain our organization. The "Subsidized” rate for those needing financial assistance. We ask that you please pay at the highest level you can afford. This supports fair compensation for the teaching artists and the Earthdance organization while creating opportunity for those who need support to attend.

Sliding Scale (Subsidized–Sustainer): $125–$375

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From Jacqueline Westhead (Earthdance Operations Director):
"I first met Yumiko at the San Francisco Butoh Festival in 1996. I had been studying Butoh in Chicago and decided to make the drive cross country to study with an incredible gathering of Butoh artists, teachers, and students in SF that year. For me, Yumiko left a lasting impression as both a teacher and human being.

Over the years I have found more opportunity to study with her. This led her to invite me to teach a workshop for her and a few dance faculty at Mills College in CA, where she was working on choreography for a performance. From that moment we moved from our relationship as teacher/student to also be peers and then to friends.

Yumiko's lineage and journey as a Butoh dancer/choreographer is inspiring and I find her teaching to be a powerful form of activism. As she continually travels the globe to share her wisdom, she invites all to come and be transformed. She greets every Body (from small villages in Bali to dance studios in Chicago) as an abundant creative resource and guides the way towards metamorphosis through the dance we all may discover. She reminds us how to taste and feel our connection to self, other, and nature in the vast expanse of time, beyond limitation.

I am grateful for the deepening of Yumiko and my relationship over these decades and with great respect for all that she offers in her skills and artistry, I will always recognize her as my teacher. I hope she can come to Earthdance in person someday, but until then, I am excited we get to host her workshop in these virtual realms."


Yumiko Yoshioka: dancer, choreographer, teacher, art director is a Japanese Butoh dancer and choreographer originally from Tokyo. Since 1988 she has been based in Berlin. Yumiko was a former member of Ariadone in 1974, the first female Butoh company, founded by Carlotta Ikeda and Ko Murobushi. In 1978, she performed with Carlotta and Ko in Paris ”Le Dernier Eden- Porte de L’Au-Dela,“ the very first Butoh performance to be presented in a public theatre outside Japan. In 1988 she founded tatoeba THÉÂTRE DANCE GROTESQUE with Minako Seki and delta RA’i in Berlin (1988–1996). Between 1995–2015 she was a core member of TEN PEN CHii art labor, an interdisciplinary and experimental art formation, as a dancer and a choreographer along with JoaXhim Manger (visual artist) and Zam Johnson (composer and musician). Since 1995 she has also set up various collaborative projects across Europe such as  “eX…it!, Dance eXchange Festival” at Schloss Bröllin in Germany, dance projects with Gest-Azione, with Annalisa Maggiani from Italy, and dance creations with Rena Konstantaki from Greece. Many other collaborations with international artists and dancers encouraged Yumiko to unfold her own personal style of dancing and choreography.

photos © Ji Yang (top) and Pierre Perrazo (bottom)