E|MERGE : I Remember You As...



Hey all,

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading thoughts from our E|MERGE 2015 participants. It seems like we’re winding down over here. But - good news! The Collaborative Pool documented their process on Tumblr.

Check it out! :  http://earthdancecollaboration2015.tumblr.com/

And now, some final thoughts from Azya (a collaborator in I Remember You As...) :


Remember Project
Utam Moses & Carlos Castilian (I Remember You As...)

(from memory lab explorations, for nietzche and proust)


Memories upon memories upon memories

Peek the vanishing point beyond memory of a memory,

Double-mirrored burnt orange darkmotherscream sunset now here, now there.

Seven Continents. One body.

Power. Love. Joy. Shame. Grief. Relief. A cocoon of electric history.


Retrace what enfeebles you.

Or better, Erase what enfeebles you.

I banish untowards history from my cerebrum, from my cerebellum, from each dermatrope spinal knot series of action potentials,

from each ever-splitting axon (like chopping firewood, THWACK THWACK SHA-CLACK), from the growing nail of my pinky toe.

Call my banishment what you will: witches’ spell, yogi’s purifying crystal, new-age neo-imperial brainwash.  I will NOT be weak. I WILL not be weak. I WILL NOT BE WEAK.


I will be vulnerable, and I will not be weak.


Take the crackly fault lines of my heart and infuse them with the sounds of my most gruesome swollen intestine and play on repeat again once again: draw-me-out lull-me-out-mantra-meditating-manatee though infinite blue it’s true me too I flew wavelike undulating through stars under the sea


Until the sound lost so much meaning it gained meaning,

Like churning milk becomes froth, becomes fat yellow density.

Churn it in the urn, to learn LEARN not to yearn to churn chschschschUUUURN it up give it up tear it up feel it up it’s a return - not of the repressed - of the obsessed! the oppressed! The possessed!

No more is it milk.


And so the cracks of history are the butter in the stew,

fueling the cackles of crones keeping timelessness in moon-swept wind-caves, wine-pressing purple-heeled upon

vats of butter crystals, double-mirrors of involuntary memory.


They gave one to me.


And whenever I like, I can


peer inside.



horizoning the waterfall


that skims close,

And finally pierces

so deep

it becomes


Like the human spirit

Like the Earth’s

volcanic soul.

About the Artist:

Azya Barron

Azya is magnetized by mythology and motion, drawn to the flame which stokes transformation in ritual spaces, the edge, the joy that hurts. She has traveled the world open-eyed for that edge, and now turns inward to find it through movement practices: capoeira, butoh, CI, and improvisation. She is interested in the technical benefits of entraining and retraining the nervous system to soften and flow when confronted with frightening situations: in spaces of practice (e.g. the capoeira roda), performance (edges of emotional safety), and in her work as a myofascial and yoga therapist bringing consciousness to tensions and holding patterns. She has worked on permaculture projects around the world, and the relationship between land-work, community, and creative practice is the umbrella over all her investigations: How does the creative work practically feed our re-integration with Earth? How do we develop ourselves as contemporary technicians of the sacred to create real change?

Azya lives in Berkeley, CA and is excited to be part of the Emerge Project and to join the Earthdance community.