E|MERGE : …i emBODYEARTHdance…



E|MERGE 2015 is here and in full swing!


Twenty-five phenomenal artists have come from all over the globe to be a part of this year’s residency. This two-week interdisciplinary collaboration has brought together a unique group of individuals to share ideas, explore artistic innovation, and dive into creation.


Now, after many days of dynamic collaboration, these 25 participants are ready to share their work. We invite you to public sharings on February 26 at 7pm and February 28 at 4pm and 8pm (8pm event contains nudity). These are three different programs, so we encourage you to come to all three!


Still can't get enough E|MERGE? The blog is here to help- we'll be posting daily thoughts from the participants throughout the week!


To kick off the blog share, we'll start with a poem from Bronwyn Preece. It was written during TEA|MERGE this past Sunday.



all of the answers.

everything is matter
thought into existence
on a time scale of
atoms, protons, virgin
mexicans in snow,
and sanskrit sunyatas
filling the empty space
of bouncing cheques
and checks : and cheeks
red from failure
learning : a finger-
nail grip on the
wrong of and in
language. my language,
your voice – our
existence in relation
to each other. to
be this (me) equals
that (you). let us
activate the verbs
that find me rarely
testifying to all that
i have not done right.
let’s emote in
the physics of
constant change:
worrying indefinitely
about the weather
and happestance of
hammmers : a paradox
serving the rubix
cube of questions.


These next three poems were written collectively during Emobodied Collaborative Poetics, a workshop led by Bronwyn.


…i emBODYEARTHdance…

Tremble, slink into the frozen ground

My breath is at my feet, delivering

Rolling bellies of clusters

The insistence of fullness

Dying to collaborate to create

Pouring my heart into all that we make

Tending with open care

Toes stretching to discover –


Well worn shower mats

Make my feet twinkle

Alas I must dance


…i emBODYEARTHdance…

My body is round and green

It moves in slow circles and moves in and out

Bridging between worlds in a perfect balance

A return to nature, the natural state, and human

Humans that descended, ascended from other forms,

Still practicing shaping, making, breaking norms

But then it comes to a stop

I scream

We scream, and then,

There’s that silence, recognizable

Barely, messed up by Bananagrams,

Snow, Grains, Insults, Whaacking and Love

Rolled in the oats and non tongues

…i emBODYEARTHdance…
My intentions are as pure as the driven snow
My heart is full
Of wood and lips pursed
In corners we take refuge
Slow becoming, blood telling of its pathways
Circles around circles, this snow stops at my feet
The wind blows the branches sway
The rhythm of the earth beats in my soul
In odd syncopations, irregular returnings
But my favourite parts are the rests
When time is purple and clear
Sifting now, we remembered trace over trace over trace


About the Artist:

Bronwyn Preece

Bronwyn Preece's passion for expression marries art with activism, melding ecological, social and political engagement with performance and writing.  Her work focusses on interrogating the dichotomies between culture and 'nature,' self and 'environment, seeking ways to embody and overcome these binary constructs.  Bronwyn is an improvisational eARTist and author.  She is currently pursuing a PhD (University of Huddersfield, UK), examining through solo performance, the metaphoric and material intersection of ecology and disability studies.  She holds a MA and BFA (with Distinction) in Applied Theatre from the University of Victoria. Please visit: www.bronwynpreece.com



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