An UPLIFTed Earthdance























Photo: Heidi Schauster

Hello from a very snowy Earthdance!

There’s a lot of gratitude lingering in the air over here. We just had a beautiful UPLIFT Jam that was indeed successful in uplifting us all. The weekend was packed with sweet, tender moments and included sledding, ginger cocoa, a campfire with songs and music, figure drawing, Contemplative Dance Practice, a body-work and chocolate soirée, winter woods walks, and a wildly popular hugging/dodgeball game with giggling girls. What a treat!

Thanks to Alyssa Lynes for doing such a wonderful job facilitating!

Here’s what some participants had to say about the jam:

Today I walked into the Umbrella barn- mid jam! The atmosphere was serene and peaceful… pockets of people lay cozy together, beginning to stir… At first I thought the energy would be contagious- but then I stirred it up and started swirling around - MAGIC!


Small, sweet, easeful, family style. Yum Uplift Jams! - so light yet filling. It feels great to offer extra jamming time at more affordable costs for folks. And to have our community come lift us up - win win! Organic Earthdanceness at it’s best. More… yes there must be more. Uplift galore.


At the Uplift Jam, it was fun to play dodgeball with Lisa, Gayle, Helen, Jay, David, Kyla, and Mom. I also liked having a lot of space in the rectangle barn to run around and play. - Ava Schauster Davidson


It was delightful to see how my daughters felt welcomed and comfortable enough to dance with the adults in the jams. There were so many unprecedented, warm, family and community moments on the dance floor and at the meal table. The snow really punctuated our weekend of community, rest, and play.  Thank you, Earthdance! - Heidi Schauster

A couple photos from the weekend:


















Photo: Alyssa Lynes


























Photo: Heidi Schauster




Photo: Alyssa Lynes




Photo: Chris Orth

Thanks everyone for sharing with us!