Artists in Residence : Carla Marazzato and Laura Colomban





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Apologies for our recent absence on the blog. Not to worry- there’s a strong effort to revitalize! We would love to keep you in the loop on what we’re up to and what’s going on over here.

We’re currently covered in snow, dancing away in our winter wonderland, making homemade pizza, and looking forward to February events-the UPLIFT JAM February 6-8, and the arrival of E|MERGE participants on February 15.

Recently, we were joined by Nancy Stark Smith’s January Workshop full of 23 incredible movers and improvisors and experienced another successful Authentic Movement workshop with Susan Schell and Shakti Sadeh. We were also privileged enough to witness the artistic process of two Italian artists, Carla Marazzato and Laura Colomban. Take a look at their work below and read about their experience at Earthdance.

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(Please, meet me where I am at, now)


Photo: Giada Paoloni


Two women. Two souls. Their Weight. 
Physical, Social, Family, Heritage, Spiritual, Material. 
Sometimes the weight we decide to carry it’s not even our weight. 
It’s a weight we bring with us from the conception.

Why are we carrying the ancient weight of families and heritage around? How can we free from it? DO we actually really want to be free from it or is it reassuring holding on?

The weight of coming in the world and having to deal with gravity, the warrior and the child. The fight for life and freedom. Freedom to live where we want and to create our own destiny. Finding ways to make sense of it all. Or not.

Accepting and Love. Love the Weight and its Vulnerability.

The Weight we are exploring through this research and performance is the weight that we bring with us from our birth, and that most of the time is not just related to our life story but also to our ancestors and lineage, sometimes is heavier or lighter but it’s present, to remind us where we come from and what’s our past.

We are working with a Morphogenetic Psychology Counselor, Paola Battocchio, with whom we are exploring pre birth experiences and explore the size and weight of the mantel we carry on.


Then we are transporting all this in the studio, exploring different effort and qualities, strength and tensions of muscles and organs and the release, exploring a “primitive” movement that speaks directly to the emotional state, and modulating the different phases keeping as a core the mental-emotional state we are working with.

Through work-in-progress performances, workshops and discussions we are relating to others and what they can project of their personal weights and their perception of it.

All this is informing the work in an organic way, we are listening to it and really taking the time and care it needs, not rushing but letting it blossoms and reveals.

Our intention is to transform this Weight into the poetic of movement of dance. 
The dance of two bodies that contain love, passion, delusion, anger, laughter, joy and commitment. The dance of two human beings, with their vulnerability and their spacious greatness.


About their Experience at Earthdance:


What project were you exploring/creating here Earthdance?


We were exploring a work called Weight, that explores physically, mentally, spiritually and energetically what does it means to carry weight in our lives, as women, human beings, from birth to now, what are the weights I carry that Are maybe not even mine? What can I let go? What do I want to carry? What is this weight?

It's an hour long piece that will be presented in Italy in the spring


What were some challenges you faced here in your creative process (if any)?


Finding a balance between the oscillation from fixing and keeping it organically growing while living together the theme. We do wanted not to rush the process but really listen and see the piece unfolding as a seed that slowly start to become a blossoming shape.

We are now at more then an half of the work, each step is showing a new facade of it, and now after a big change of prospective we went through at Earthdance, it feels like the circle is closing, coming back to an initial exploration we did, having the richness of opening different boxes on the way.


What were some "aha" moments you'd like to share from your time here (if any)?


The possibility of sharing with a large group (we were there during Nancy Smith's workshop) was a great possibility. We were able to see the piece from 40 different points of views, hearts, minds and cultural background. We could read in the feedback paper we handle at the end of the showing, a lot of things we are working on, and this brough the work further in a short moment.

Everyone, participants and Earthdance community, have been really supportive, curious and generous on feedbacks and while working.


How did the space (land, facilities) and community here influence your creative process? (how you approached the work, and/or the work itself)


The snow and still white winter nature has been a strong impact on our rehearsals, bringing the work really internally driven, as winter a lot of time does. A place to recollect, explore and really look inward. The community feels like a nest that hold the process and the need for calmness and concentration.


How do you envision the next stages of this project? What changes has it seen (if any) since you left Earthdance?


During Earthdance we opened a whole new possibility and we were able to see the impact on the audience present at our showing, so after it now we are bringing all the richness of that opening and including it in the development of it. Going back to an initial phase we now has totally another taste because the exploration at Earthdance cleared in our minds and bodies the meaning of it.

Is there anything else you'd like to share about your project and/or time here at Earthdance?

It has been rich to see how this amazing community works, we were stroked by the efficiency and organic growing in a unique balance between earthquake and mother earth!

I asked about the history of it and I was inspired by thinking of it as a body, that is perfectly working in different conditions and environments.

Meeting life and art there and being focused was not hard at all.

‘'After leaving, I had a feeling I will go back, I feel like having sisters and brothers that supported our work, and that I will be happy to share the birth of it with them, and acknowledging that they have been a big part of the process.' - Laura



About the Artists:


Wait, Galleria d'Arte Contemporanea NOIRE (Torino).


Carla Marazzato 

Anthropologist, with a BA at Ca’ Foscari, Venice where she graduated with research thesis on dance at Salvador de Bahia (Brasil).
She studied Theatre and Dance with: Gruppo Lume (S.P., Brasile), Centro di Produzione Teatrale Via Rosse (Este, Pd), Claudio Di Scanno (Drammateatro, Pe), Andre Casaca (Teatro C’art, Fi), Laura Moro (I.C.P. IlCorpoPensante, Tv), Atsushi Takenouchi (Parigi, Francia), Gabi Morales

(Buenos Aires, Argentina), Daniel Lepkoff (USA), Company Blu (Sesto Fiorentino - FI).

She has performed in:Ade director Sabine Uitz, Pierina e il lupo director Norberto Presta, Pier(viol)ino e il

lupo with Fondazione Teatro La Fenice director Laura Moro, Speck-ik and Sulla strada per

Brema director Laura Moro, In alto i seni co-director with Genny Venerando, arrived final round of

Premio Gd’A Giovane Danza d’Autore 2010, Wait director Silvia Gribaudi, E luce fu cco-director with

Olga Manganotti created during the residency at Gruppo Lume Teatro (S.P., Brasile), and still in theatres.

Choreographer of the Family Dress performance Art Night in Venice, 2014, organized by Ca’ Foscari University, Venice.

From 2006 she is engaged in Children Education through Theatre and Dance inside Public Schools and Private settings. She assisted Virgilio Sieni during Biennale Danza 2014 co-creating the performances

La casina dei biscotti e Il Vangelo secondo Matteo.

She is manager at CTR (Centre of Theatre Research) in Venice where she organizes workshops, residencies, festivals and teaches Contact Improvisation.
She organized different street Events: 'Mogliano, danza!”, “A piede libero “ and “Marghera, Danza” as opening Eventfor Aurora Theatre in 2014.


Laura Colomban

dancer and graphic designer. She has studied different genres (ballet, hip hop, contemporary) since she was young, in Italy she got involved in dance making with Silvia Bugno (Carolyn Carlson) Mimmo Santonicola (Compagnia Sosta Palmizi) and Marigia Maggipinto (Pina Bausch)
She started to travel to San Francisco 5 years ago where she deepen her knowledge and understanding of the body - mind - soul thanks to Anna Halprin, Daria Halprin, Soto Hofmann, Bonnie Bridge Cohen, Kathleen Hermesdorf, Miguel Gutierrez, Rakesh Sukesh, Raja Kelly.

She’s interest in somatic practices as Alexander Tecnique and Feldenkrais, Body-Mind Centering.

She collaborated with Luna Dance Institute in Berkley assisting Educational Dance Program in schools with special needs kids and intern during their Family Mpact Program.

Ultimately she is interest more in improv and relationship to the external environment and the interaction with the audience, so she participated at different Festivals on the street with her own creations: Festival Trieste Danza, 2012, Festival Fondamenta 2.0, 2012, Festival delle Arti, Giudecca, 2013.
She is part of Molayo Dance Company (,  she facilitates groups through the Life/Art Process® and organizes Performance groups in Venice, IT.

She’s Graduated at Tamalpa Institute, CA.