Living at Earthdance is Creative Living!

Impromptu kitchen jams, music making outbursts, and sparks of  …. scatter our work days here, as we attempt the improbable: balancing work and meetings with creative play.

With the commitment to make residential life at earthdance creative living is truly creative, we set up a structure to share offerings of our personal passions.


Mondays we begin the week with an Awareness Through Movement (Feldenkrais) Class by Sarah Young & Authentic Movement, facilitated by Kelsey Hobbs & other staff. In fact, all staff have an opportunity to share their creative interests - Tuesday & Thursday night’s we have “Creative Lab” a two hour slot in which we rotate facilitation amongst us.


Currently, Ali is offering “The Art of Receiving/Navigational Maps for a Jam” on Tuesdays. Drawing from martial arts (Ninpo Taijutsu) and body-work (Shiatsu) Ali guides us in cultivating awareness and safe practices for Contact Improvisation. On Thursdays, Lindsay is sharing some practices from her Grotowski Physical Theater training. In previous months we’ve had Poetry Jams, Mask Making and Storytelling with Brently M.D., and Bodywork with Kalyan.


But that’s not all! Some of our passions do not fit in the scheduled slot; we need our passions to move according to other rhythms - so we also have different individual and collective morning practices, including Rachel Saudeck’s morning yoga and Hilary Lake’s “Moving in Grace”, a shamanistic and Buddhist inspired improvisational movement healing practice, on Mondays & Thursdays. Most days, and committedly every Thursday, at sunset Béu Tornaghi is off to the woods for her Eco-Somatic practice of “Dancing With Nature”, focusing & developing skills to listen to the wilderness through a sensory organization beyond verbal cognition, honoring a non-anthropocentric, non-hierarchical approach to the dialog between humans and other living beings.


And in the kitchen, Jason and others dance with apples day and night, working to process the thousands of apples still covering the orchard grounds outside, making apple pies, crisps, applesauce and jars upon jars of delicious apple butter.


Do you think that’s a lot?! Well, that’s not all of it! We have our amazing community join us in creativity and bring their own talents to the mix with “Community Offerings”, another effort to magically create play slots as we manage our busy work/meeting schedules. Some of the most recent include “Soul Collage” with Gineen Cooper, “Whole Body Seeing” with Dana Salisbury, “CI & Non-Violent Communication” with Moti Zemelman.

It may be a lot, but it is a lot of fun! We believe in the importance of infusing our lives with creative sharing and the strength that all these exchanges bring to our work here, feeding our productivity with the juices of creation!